10 years’ network career of ashes rank stationmaster

the following information is processed on the forum member SEN interview, 97 year online, 2000 began to get a few K knife checks, these experiences may give us a lot of inspiration, perhaps we can also be used as a kind of memory, to inspire us to these later


edge elements: SEN brother is also an old webmaster, and to share your webmaster experience, okay?

SEN: remember to do web uploads, use 336K cats or 56K cats to pass things. It’s hard.

edge elements: How did you begin to think of standing at first? How did the first stop get up?

SEN: I’ve been chatting online for 97 years. There was no QQ at that time. Only BBS can chat. It was an online summer camp held by post and telecommunications. Learn how to do web pages.

made a personal web page. Ha-ha。 But they are all made up of html. But there is no frontpage, dreamwaver, and these do not wait until 99 or 2000. At that time, a friend of mine was surfing the Internet with a cat. One month charge 1000 ah. Horrible.

edge elements: ha ha, then, when did you start thinking of making money from the station?

SEN:2000 got the check at the beginning of the year. 99 years, when the computer company to work, to install a computer. Work more than 10 hours a day, and get home at 11 and 12.

do stand or surf the Internet after taking a bath. Then made a picture site. 1 days seems to have tens of thousands of PV, at that time, although fewer people online, but the picture station is very hot, including many stations are now using pictures to pull the flow.

edge elements: strong ah, 1 days seems to have tens of thousands of PV? This achievement in the present can also be considered very good, not to mention that time, the number of Internet users is so small. At that time, I began to receive checks. Did ya’s other league? I was still in junior high school at that time,


SEN: there was no GG at that time. But there’s an Asia alliance, but I’m not doing it. At that time, there was an American company called CLICK2NET, which is similar to the Double-click company. Specializing in online advertising. Then the check was given by click2net. Finally, there was a check for $1000, unable to get any money. In 2000, many companies closed down. It’s my highest check, too. Then it was a big blow. The network has been depressed for a long time. No more stops.

edge element: the Internet bubble when it is at that time, many major failures. However, if you stick to the present station, it should be very good.

SEN: the most popular website was Gao Chunhui. His personal website. There are other gold bookstores, and so on.

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