How to write soft headlines with sales force

is a tool for soft sales network, and don’t look at only a few words in the title role, it accounted for the entire 50% soft, therefore, write the title of the article, makes the title with a sales force, is an important skill in network marketing. There have been many articles about the title of soft Wen. This article tries to discuss the writing method with sales force from the angle of Baidu collection and ranking, attracting customer clicks, and the pertinence of customer purchase stage.

one, title to Baidu, easy to include

a soft text, to play sales force, must first be included in Baidu, Baidu included, customers can find and click in the search results read. Although Baidu articles included a lot of factors, but a good title will promote Baidu included. So what kind of title can promote Baidu included? Here is the key to the original title, and to fresh, it is best to have a certain degree of popularity, Baidu can be included in the fast.

in the title of writing, you can first put the title into the Baidu search box search, and if there are a lot of the same or similar title, you do not use this title. For example, if we use "how to write the title can bring traffic, you can see that Baidu has many similar problems, even if this title was collected, only in the back row, there is little chance to read by readers.

two, should stand in client angle draw up Title

When the

in the formulation of the title of the article, we must think about the customer’s perspective, customers are most likely to use search to find what kind of sentence ending the answer? According to the matching principle of search engine, the more and the customer search statement matching the title of the article more can get good rankings. When drafting the title of the article, can be related to Baidu keyword input or know Baidu index, you will find many readers or customers put forward the problem statement, although their statements varied, but you can still find out the law. By looking at these rules, your title will draw closer to the customer or reader’s questions, and will also get a good ranking in the search results of the customer’s query, so that customers can see it.

three, take the relevant keywords combination,

I used to own the site of those who get good flow of soft text statistics, found that can get high flow soft Wen title, are generally related words combination of title. This is because the short title contains only a single keyword, even after being included, in a single keyword search results in the rankings are not very good, but the relevant keywords search results not less, ranking will also depend on the. Such as the title of this article, if only "soft Wen title" a keyword, then its search results not only, and are included in the article ranking is not good, but the title contains "sales" and "soft Wen title" two words, the number of search results will be greatly reduced, the ranking it will be better, the title of "faceless" opportunities will be more.