Ten misunderstandings of website construction

now the Internet era, large and small websites emerge in endlessly, personal webmaster also abound. How to operate a good site, is now a magic weapon to do stand here, summed up the ten mistakes to do standing, I hope to help your friends, less detours.

one, just stay in the release of corporate image and product information,

many companies in the introduction of the information process, the first thought is to the company’s products, business profiles, promotional activities and other information posted on the company’s Web site. This approach is at best only a number of electronic bulletin boards, and do not play the interactive function of the network. Because traditional industry operators are a conservative, so the initiative suggestion will have mostly. In fact, the site should be erected from the point of view of network marketing. In other words, is it possible to provide a direct access and communication channel between the enterprise and the consumer through the network, outside the existing marketing channel, and to provide an alternative marketing model for the enterprise?. Therefore, the website of the traditional industry should be considered by the marketing supervisor. The second point is to think from the perspective of management, for example, in the province has many business offices or branches, passing documents between various locations or whether the allocation of resources through the website, to improve business performance.

two, fill pages with pictures, Java programs, Flash, music,

is the current Internet speed, "if you add too much FLASH or FLAME, or hang too many pictures, is bound to affect the transmission speed, so that the general lack of confidence in customers easily because rather than waiting patiently for the download is complete, and the choice of Midway trip. In this way, no more beautiful web pages are available. According to our service experience, more and more customers choose practical websites, and they don’t want to choose fancy websites. Because there is no wait so long time to download a SHOCKWAVE program; in addition a clean, well structured web pages easier to read, customers can find the information they need in a short time, will not be disturbed by too much visual pollution. Therefore, the enterprise web pages do not need too many artists, because to see beautiful pictures, customers naturally have the right site, you can not waste time and money to download customers.

three, not updated for a long time,

if the information a site updated once a month, who will be interested in this web site? Of course, data update and maintenance cost, because we are not doing a professional entrance website or website, do not need to update every day; if you can do it updated weekly or every two weeks to update, and indicate the update the time or notice the next update time on the site, will help to inform customers when they can go online to get the latest information. In addition, the so-called "live website" also refers to the need to have interaction with customers, such as mailing list systems, message boards or customer service systems, of course, do not need all functions have. You must select the right mechanism for the location of the site