New station is fast by Baidu included six steps song

many webmaster said new sites by Baidu included difficult, if want to be in a short time fast Baidu included is even more difficult. In fact, otherwise, as long as you promote well, the new station is still easy to be included in a short period of time by Baidu. I have a new station in June 19th at 19 in the evening, formally launched and promoted, 5 this morning, Site once, the result is a little surprising: Baidu included home page, Google included 35 pages. Below I put the new station within 10 hours by Baidu included experience to share with you.

one, first of all, briefly on the site’s pre planning

new station domain name and host is purchased in May 17th, from May 17th to June 15th is the site planning period. During this period, the work mainly includes domain name registration, website title, website keyword, website navigation classification plan and website content increase and so on. Web site at the beginning of the keyword density of 8%, feel a little high, recently Baidu optimization excessive site is not friendly, so I removed the home page of a few unnecessary keywords, the keyword density dropped to 5%.

two, the following focuses on new sites within 10 hours by Baidu included in the six step song

the first step: submit the site to Baidu and GOOGLE two major search engines, other search engines such as Yahoo, Sogou, Youdao, basically do not submit, will also be included, so it was not submitted for the time being.

second step: to Baidu included it, apply for Baidu included new station, leave the website name, website address, and the site of the brief introduction.

third step: to Baidu know submit a related to the new station, and take the new station link.

fourth step: in the Baidu encyclopedia, create a new content related to the entry, and in the following entry in the relevant press field with new links.

The fifth step:

will recommend the site to the wonderful article every day, Tianji summaries of profiles bookmarks, bookmarks, and functions of POCO.

sixth step: to A5, Chinaz, portal, outdated and other well-known webmaster forums, or other weight high forum, blog articles, and bring links to the site. Attention: the article is in essence, not in many.

These are some of my

to the railway station wise remark of an experienced person within 10 hours collected by Baidu. If you are ready to station or a station, you may wish to try the above method; if your new station was not included in Baidu, you can use the above methods to try, maybe your site can quickly be collected by Baidu.

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