The choice of blind obedience ended in Mr. 80

wrote his first article in A5 for the first time on the internet. If you write well, please forgive me,


starts to contact the site has been removed from the A5 and Chinaz, read a lot of articles in his master, but the network still don’t know how to choose, because I am a novice webmaster. No technology, two no connections, only one want to succeed, and 10 years into the net age as capital. After a few months of blind obedience, finally decided to honestly do stand, step by step development. But if you choose the topic of the first station, it becomes a big problem.


tried N themes in familiar N station system and decided to build his first station by PBDIGG and amoy. So A5 applied for the domain name of (the graduating students had no money to buy COM’s good rice)

here to write their own ideas and ideas for this station, for the same new person, as a reference, for different masters, please comment. Thank you very much,

1. Why was Mr. 80 named


because before I have not come into contact with the field station once in Sina saw a blog, named after 80 men’s kitchen, the blogger is a daily dish, and recipes and practices such as writing blog, then think this way is very good, in the course of their daily record also got a great number of subscriptions (I’m one of them). So you want to be a man of 80 Taobao recommended amoy. After careful consideration, after 80 MR than Taobao can be expanded, and is different from the general station, to be concerned in the field.

two, why use DIG programs instead of blogs?

originally intended to use the blog, but the blog considered gives a personal feeling that others may feel that the station is only a place where people record their daily journey, and they do not give too much attention to it. (of a stranger, and not a celebrity, why should I idle every day to pay attention to him?) and DIG program can increase more interactive, so that everyone can participate in, at the same time, we can also promote their goods in Amoy station. In this case, although the latter will lose some profits, but I think the user is the most important, the user satisfaction, the site will be successful.

What are the goals of

three and 80,


says it’s about making money. But who do not want their website to become the station? So at the same time make Tao station and I added the other plate. This allows users to be more loyal and allow traffic to be more valuable. I intend to use this station as an integrated station for shopping, attention and discussion of 80 mature men. Of course, integration is limited to local synthesis.

own writing skills are not good, please forgive me. Mr. under AD – >