Several tips for getting quality, low-cost, virtual hosting

how to get high-quality and low-cost virtual host, which I’m afraid many webmasters are common desire, especially the novice webmaster. However, the two are often contradictory, high quality is not necessarily cheap, cheap is not good, although the most important thing is to do a stable host, however, the cost of non expensive, but also sometimes a headache. In fact, sometimes we can get high quality and low price hosts with a little hard work.

explains that what I’m talking about here is cheap and quality hosting, mainly referring to some of the better known hosting providers, or the host services you’ve already been familiar with. And for some strange hosts, it is recommended to go to a good understanding, for how to judge whether a host is worth using, next time we chat.

1, and customer service bargain. At first glance it seems a little difficult, but in fact, it is not impossible, and sometimes tried to know, OK?. For example, when I first bought, when I learned a few days, that the host is good, I am looking for customer service chat, condom, more than just a few, then try, as long as there is a possibility that Matsuguchi will call. When I say whether preferential, customer service can also be said, I know it is possible, finally, I will host 71 fix 89 yuan, it is 20 percent off, although there is still a little high, but after all, take a few minutes, 18 yuan, which Why not?


of course, this is not can be used, such as Chinese million net, new network of these first-line host, I think you don’t try, may be just a waste of time, the other did not try, Beijing tried, it may not, of course, this is not to say that can not get benefits through other means.

2, focus on the activities provided by the hosting provider. This seems to have nothing to say, can call to ask, to see the official website, see more news and information associated with the virtual host, master the dynamic, so if you host business activities, more attention to the activities, sometimes it is quite attractive. Of course, the mainframe business is usually aimed at servers and so on, and there is very little for low-end virtual hosts. But a recent network activity, Siyuan host 68 yuan, but this seems to be what the host couldn’t do it.

3, looking for agents. That means you can look for the agent of this virtual host business. Generally speaking, the price you can get at the agent is very pleasant. Some agents can even provide half off of the host, if it is 89 yuan of the host, agents can not get 45, half of the money saved.

however, this is not the best choice, or to be careful in your agents when looking for attention, don’t choose those too much garbage agent, but generally speaking, the difference is not great, because women love agents to get the host, can also get the official service.

4, try acting. This seems to be a lot of friends far away, at least think this is not