Talking about the development trend of user experience & the problems of the production of slag copy



, Charming, Robot, and Hard Candy Shell, co-founder, delivered a speech entitled "user experience trends". In the speech, we mentioned the trend of the entrepreneurial market and analyzed the problem of slag copying.

Maccarone’s speech quoted Charles Caleb Cotton’s famous saying: "plagiarism is flattering."." Plagiarism is pervasive, especially on the internet.

Maccarone points out that in 2004, 3 large, almost identical, travel sites (Expedia, Orbits and Travelocity) were built. Maccarone said: "they just want to make myself a stroke above in the market." Instead of focusing on user preferences, offering better service, you stand out among your competitors.

also has an example of Maccarone showing 3 different e-commerce sites in a slide. But you’ll think they’re in the soup".


Many of the design patterns already exist in more than

web sites, such as saving time and keeping designers innovating. "Their problems don’t stand on the consumer’s point of view," says Maccarone.

and retail stores are focused on the contrast, Hawking loudly: "have a look at a look, as long as 998! 108 South Africa really drill home!" but the Maccarone that customers more and more attention in the fashion design and new features, selling products. At least for Maccarone, those online shops are more conducive to customer rational choice.

Maccarone says the above example is not the worst case:

more and more people began to copy this model, they think a slavish behavior will be successful. The consequences, the imagination, the more, the more, the "same" web site, like the carousel, dazzled you.


Maccarone at copycat behavior is a residue! Because they do not consider the consumers in the online consumer demand.

is now talking about products, and Maccarone says it’s not just about plagiarism, it’s also about copying features and ideas. Demonstrating is such a "knockoff", it has almost the same login function as Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp and Facebook.