Webmaster how to open their own network company

09 years of network companies were born a lot, but also down a lot. Today, pushing it will share with you, especially those who are ready to start business in the Internet, how to make their company a long-term foothold, steady development. Inadequacies, please forgive me.

believes in the webmaster circle of friends, many of which are individual or team studio, which is actually quite good, but if you want to develop, or to set up a company, or how to provide services for those who need the invoice enterprises. The establishment of the company is not difficult, spend money registered, can do business on a regular. Today we will talk about how to make their company steady development.

one, how do you survive?

started the company and started the business. The first step was not to develop, but to protect oneself. How do you protect yourself?

1, the company has an edge.


is company, want to have a business, must highlight the advantages of their own, or price advantage, or technical advantages, otherwise why customers choose you instead of other companies? This advantage can be integrated and its development company. It can be compared with other companies.

2, integrity and reputation.

new Internet company, must have good faith. No matter how our service, promised to customers, we must cash. Otherwise, don’t promise easily. So, how to produce word of mouth effect? That is good faith plus good service. When the company began, every customer need to treat customers, there is no distinction or distinction, may have small customers, but as long as the service is good, one day to introduce you to a customer.

3, perfect after-sales service.

, in fact, the network company to provide the site, or SEO, or, are one-time service. Then, customers in the choice of time, after-sale is their concern. In fact, this and good faith, but also complement each other. But we must strengthen our after-sales service. Especially the new Internet company.

two, change from passive to active.

believes that many owners in many circles are technical origin, after the establishment of the company, the business has always been someone to come to, or wait for customers to come to. This could be a common problem for Internet companies. But you know, many of our clients are one-time services. Even long-term service customers will slowly lose. Therefore, we must continue to develop customers, to change the passive to the initiative, in order to enable the company to develop. For everyone, according to an example of it, the development of network companies, network marketing is on the one hand, but also to combine traditional marketing. Telemarketing. May engage in Internet work friends, telemarketing disdain, but this certainly works. What is the effect? Just a probability problem. 100. Just one. Don’t try SAY NO, it’s the same as SEO.

three, entrepreneurship is a physical and mental work, open network >