To the tall, blue V enterprises how to weave scarf


boss is the boss of the way of life, grass root micro-blog small grass root nature also has life. As a less lofty enterprise, blue V, how can you brush the sense of existence on micro-blog?

, an enterprise micro-blog operator, often finds that the vast majority of the time, the official content of the press does not cause fans to react. Dogma like information output, product discounts stiff little fans can exchange for a reply and forward.

then, the elite of my big marketing circle came up with a coup: the personification of micro-blog.

this method can be said to be my big marketing circle in social marketing exploration on the road of a pioneering work. It successfully solved the problem that micro-blog has always been regarded as the second official website.

micro-blog personification refers to the characteristics of micro-blog. Integrate corporate culture and brand spirit into micro-blog’s regular operations. In addition to some specific "tall" brand, the majority of cock wire as the main user groups of enterprises, micro-blog began to toward the "personalized" direction.

The advantage of

personified micro-blog is that it solves the problem of poor content of enterprise official micro-blog. After all, who wants to spend all day watching your hair ad, posted flyers? Micro-blog into a person, you can sell adorable, you can showy, can make irresponsible remarks on the social hot spots.

so you see the representatives of Durex’s "small Doudou", see the representatives of Ariel’s Ariel sister ", on behalf of the Amazon’s" Z ", on behalf of the Baidu small degree / Baidu" etc..

from the point of view of the characteristics of social marketing, the personification of micro-blog does solve some problems of enterprise brand interaction to some extent. However, after the micro-blog personification trend blew, micro-blog users for enterprise blue V activity gradually returned to the initial state. Because micro-blog, which matures every day, has come to realize that even if your blue V image is shaping up, it doesn’t change the nature of corporate news. Micro-blog users did not think you had a nickname, there is any change for you.

if micro-blog is the most direct and open channel for business and consumer communications, then the importance of micro-blog to micro-blog is directly related to the importance of micro-blog users.

why do you say that,


consumers focus on your micro-blog, the main purpose is to make a sound through micro-blog, and thus affect your business. If the enterprise does not pay attention to the sound made by consumers, then the passage of time, consumers will find that this channel is actually a decoration only. If he doesn’t get what he wants feedback from micro-blog, so the formation of such an idea in his mind: "this idiot will micro-blog in addition to the daily hair piece, with no other."

, you’re micro-blog