No money, no technology, how should the webmaster run the website

Internet development today, the website construction is not high technology personnel patents, more and more people join the ranks of the construction site, "webmaster" came into being as a new occupation, admittedly webmaster and operation for different purposes, some people for fun, some are in order to spare money, there is a a growing team, is the so-called occupation occupation: webmaster! Webmaster, as the name suggests, is to rely on the website to make money and life of the people. What does the stationmaster rely on to make money and earn enough money to spend? These are questions to ponder over. Well, not much. Let’s get down to business and analyze the current situation of the webmaster.

current Internet "webmaster" situation

said webmaster, you can’t just say professional webmaster, because the website is there, that is to say, is competitive. According to statistics, at present the CN domain name registration has already exceeded the COM domain name to 5 million 300 thousand, this is not a small number, we analyzed the 5 million 300 thousand, according to the average station has 2 CN m, there are CN meters webmaster 2 million 650 thousand, removed the change, and not make use of expired, (by 100 thousand meters that is to say at present), calculation of optical CN meters webmaster have as many as 2 million 550 thousand, COM, NET, ORG, CC and so on are not in the ranks of the statistics. So many webmaster, of course, from the most cattle B uneven in quality, "the individual stationmaster Li Xingping, to the unknown station, some owners of highly skilled, some Adsense funded, some owners of existing technology and Money, some webmaster qualification deep, rich experience, the more" some "are counted. The rest is a real grassroots webmaster, that is to say more than 95% of the owners are no money no technology" pauper ", spent the money, built the station, eventually some barely, some simply throw to throw a lose lose, (although it is a little money, but youth is a lot of money). Analysis of so much, the current domestic personal webmaster most is: no money no


some friends may say, you tell us of a long time, what is your class? Then to introduce in the next, I have a legitimate domain name: LiuXu wind, formal work, spare time station, a small income (enough pocket money), is a 02 year old webmaster, from get started so far (the middle has a wealth of experience, is not to say, interested friends can contact me with my contact at the end), middle and did not adhere to it, may I is the upcoming "Li Xingping" or "Cai Wensheng" (my friends and business site navigation) but, God make fun of, has not been successful, it showed a sense, to adhere to the


no money, no technology, how to continue operation,


said a lot of words, or return to the final point, as an old webmaster, I share my experience, not like the others said, let you in the short term to IP10000 million, Alexa ranked 50 thousand, because I think that is not.