Web site update skills adhere to the content is king, not only to ensure quantity, but also to ensur

website content is good or bad, is a web site survival of the root, even if the site content is better, the web site content can not be updated in time, and there is no vitality. Because of the search engine, the vitality of the site is far more important than life performance. It is a good choice to keep your website strong, to increase the search engine friendliness and to update your website content in time. However, how to do, is a very simple task, the station speaking is probably the most arduous task, for the station, although the task is not so heavy, but the degree of importance and no less than the station. Regardless of the size of the site, the site content updates, it is necessary to find skills from the rules, and then apply to practice, and ultimately allow search engines, robots frequented, is the best policy.

1 enhances the originality and readability of web content and highlights the usefulness of the site.

this original, you may have to ask, I have to be original every day, that comes to so many subject matter content. If you are a webmaster who has more than two years of experience in promotion, you will find it very easy to write your own original. What is original, and give you an example. For example, I want a website original article, this is very simple, is to make you think, you experience bit by bit, the written form of the he sorted out is an original, the original own website can not many. If you want to go to the Webmaster Station submission, suggested you have to write a little more thorough, write some deep, so that people will be included. If your promotion is the enterprise website, we must start from the basic material of enterprises, finishing some practical content, the content in the original do at the same time, also want to appeal to practical, do remember that your website content not only to search engines, is ultimately to potential clients, web content detailed and readable, can help your site with potential customers formed a consensus, to achieve a good flow of transformation, so that there is a benefit.

              to the station as an example, Huada glass is a newly revised on-line website, the website for the timely update of the content is not much, only starting from the news center, ready to meet the above principles. "PVB laminated glass is the true meaning of safety glass", this article original grasp is better, and the content is also practical. Then submit it to the relevant site, now, although the station traffic is not high, but in the search engine performance is good, now in the GOOGLE and YAHOO.CN enter the keyword "PVB laminated glass", the search results in a prominent position on the home page, unfortunately, Baidu now contains only a few backlinks this station is not included. But I believe it’s only a matter of time. As long as the website insists on updating, it will reflect more and more original, and the search engine performance will be better and better.

two, the number of updates