Talking about electronic business platform, orders, red sharing features and specific gameplay

business platform orders (such as hungry takeaway platform, U.S., Baidu takeaway) red share function plays a very important role in the operation of the work, we should not only concern the management strategy of coupon envelopes, also need to think more about the function of the red envelopes to share innovative gameplay, alleviate user fatigue. To create surprise and joy more to the user.

before, every new year festival day, we will receive red envelopes from older friends, with the development of mobile payments, WeChat red envelope completely changed our red culture. The red envelopes in the Internet era not only play the role of expressing affection, but also apply more in the business environment.

merchant discounts and paper coupons was moved online, in the form of red envelopes in the social network to the rapid spread of rolling snowball, successfully brought a wave of Internet users for the enterprise, to complete the transfer of product value. Which is full of the unknown and the surprise of the red envelope function, has become a major weapon in the wave of mobile Internet, even today, the mainstream products in the red envelope function is still in the continuation, just play improved and innovative products to adapt to. Well, what kind of red envelopes do we operate in daily contact?

one, function

first, let’s take a look at what red envelopes are:

1, new

based on the weakness of human nature, we are always difficult to refuse to free things or greedy little cheap, and do business need to invest some time off cost, red became bait to guide the user to experience the product.

WeChat red has been training we will see red reflex behavior and click to receive the inertia of thinking, design and copywriting business is extended from the WeChat red envelopes, our culture can receive cash relief coupons of the cognitive and psychological expectations, active access to the discount than passive acceptance lets the user use the desire so far, the successful conversion of new users.

2, active

subsidy War I believe we all know, whether it is OTO or taxi times, it is the rise of a number of Internet Co have brought many benefits to our lives, not only the first one can enjoy free or low-cost, continue to use and more concessions.

from the operating point of view, the user is routine, we continue to use subsidies to training the user’s habits, to help users quickly grow into mature platform and has been retained on the platform, habit once, will reduce the possibility of users to leave, had to go out to eat lunch on rainy days, the takeaway after at home can enjoy the delicacy and do not worry about the wind and rain, even though the discount amount less, delivery fee is also expensive, we still cannot get rid of the habit of using.

3, social relationships,

takes red packets for personal behavior, but the craving for socialization is >