How to develop county websites

personal website to the rapid development is not an easy thing! What can we do to make a difference? I want to answer a lot, but in 2009 the development opportunity today we no HAO123, no 265 eyes, the most important is not money


just imagine what types of websites a webmaster would build. In the absence of funds, no gold ideas, or to actually start,


There are plenty of people who play for a few years the site owners did not score. Not to say how bad we all are, but without perseverance, talk less, get to the point,


recently my old hometown attention home website is dynamic, will look at every day, think about it at the time came into contact with the network to make a home site to now have their own one piece of day! Do a lot of good

County website I found attention after a long time

1, news is relatively small, update will not be too much trouble, as long as there are BAIDU included every day can;

2, county website user stickiness is high, support home website development is the idea of most people, have certain user group (include old netizen);

3, county site for web site practitioners are not demanding. Basic maintenance can be done;

4, that is, the most important how to obtain revenue, for the current business, spend the least amount of money to do local business, do a few hundred dollars a year only local sites advertising, mostly willing to;

5, site costs relative to large sites is tantamount to no!


has so many advantages. How do we develop it? I think there are several main aspects:

1, do local propaganda, such as in a county’s largest square to make a banner;

2, the early opening of free advertising channels for businesses, my southern Jiangxi Dayu network is doing so, the special opening of a home page column for enterprise publicity;

3, BBS is a must. At this stage, BBS occupies the mainstream in the county area;

4, offline activities, such as Township Council, * * * in Shenzhen, etc., so that fellow enterprises to provide sponsorship.

I want to be able to do the above, the basic thing is the time, so you will certainly be well-known in the county! Why don’t we open a small shop, do a website, live a happy life?

long so big, never said these, but ADMIN5 is the home of the webmaster, in order to support the development of home sites, I’m not afraid of shame! Oh,


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