Marx and do struggle the whole experience summary report

"struggle" foreword:

has been in touch with Marx since 07 years ago, has established Marx’s movie website career, and has been fighting with Marx for months. Now, let’s share the battle report,


"struggle" text:

07 years in July, I was blind, to the source station search website program, ah, there’s too much of it is really difficult to following determination on what the station, so I repeated N days so look, suddenly my eyes a bright, see a "military base" "Marx FLV movie V3.1" Hey, I thought what a coincidence, so I was caught, but no video server has always wanted to make the movie station, now finally met is really good, hard work pays off. So in the face of the target were observed. In check the presentation. Page is neat and concise. It is my love, so start organs, began attacking Marx.

combat readiness (site launch preparation):

installed on Marx, and a detailed look at the HELP tutorial, know how to add a FLV film and then began my "attack" Marx looked at his film career. Base station installed successfully I could not have a sense of the heart, and began to add video data, it is a tiring work early oh. Marx also did not provide the "arsenal" (resources)..

I have 37 hours of continuous fighting, each classification is added to the 1-4 page, stop plus, in addition to eat on the toilet, the rest of the time in the movie. But added, tired tired return tired, looking at their hard to add data in the site to see, not to say that sense of accomplishment, a the word "cool", the data also do, all the preparatory work has been finished. The following is the goal of "taking prisoners"

capture prisoners (website propaganda strategy):

all preparations are ready, the following began to campaign, ha ha, I could think of, "other military soldiers will also want to, but according to the old approach can get a lot of" captured ".

(1). BBS publicity:

first, in the forum propaganda, I opened the way, also is the daily updated movie name and address recorded daily records about 10, write the advertisement text, but the advertising text not too guanggaohua, so it is difficult to let people into more easily by the moderator K off. So use your advertising wisdom to take more captives, advertising and some new movies are ready, then we will go to visit those high forums, although each forum to several or dozens, but I did not worry so much, is one of the hair. Then every time you go back, but I don’t have to this website is my theme, I use the theme to share on this forum propaganda effect is very good, come on