Simple analysis of Taobao SEO search traps easily overlooked in online shop

for Taobao’s small sellers, many funds need to want to buy Taobao train, diamond booth, many owners have to give up such a plan, relative to the investment purchase of Taobao services, through their own ability and cleverness engage in Taobao SEO but is also a good choice, although this will result in the loss of time, even may spend a lot of time, but eventually backfired, these are illustrated by the fact that in the Taobao SEO also has a risk, the author will discuss some shop owners are easy to enter some of the Taobao SEO trap.

1, online baby sales higher, ranking higher,

this is a lot of Taobao sellers agree the idea, from the Taobao SEO search engine algorithm, sales really belongs to a weighting algorithm, that is to say in general, a baby is higher in the same category of sales, then the ranking will be higher, but this is not a absolutely, because Taobao search engine algorithm only sales as a ranking factor, and according to Taobao official data analysis, the weight is only accounted to about 10%, indicating that the instant sales is higher, so other factors have reached a certain level, also could not raise the baby ranking.

two, made a Taobao through train, so the ranking will also go through


concept is now Taobao SEO more common view, but in fact it also exists the misunderstanding, for example in the last year in the market because the store received a bad review and a few comments, the shop was suddenly the train stop, the flow shop has dropped significantly, in this under the background of flow shop is completely down, but I found myself a few explosion of goods are still ranking is good, so the shop did not appear plummeted situation, in view of the fact that, although Taobao train in Taobao search engine can enhance the shopkeepers ranking, but it is not the only factor.

three, big seller in search engine algorithm design for cheap

will find that if Taobao buyers often go to the market, the market appeared in Taobao’s home page baby was part of a big seller monopoly, less is occupied by small sellers, so for most small sellers will think, Taobao search engine algorithm are basically in accordance with the seller to design and let them have a better flow, because the big seller for Taobao, pay the service fees, will receive priority to take care of.

this author believes that this is a bad idea, because as Taobao, since you want to promote its own brand, the establishment of a fair system is very important, big sellers have been able to obtain a higher ranking, and provide high quality service and product price, content description, shop decoration and sales of baby have a great relationship, so they are able to get a better ranking, have their own payment >