The origin, development and value of navigation websites

navigation station created by grassroots Li Xingping, Internet experience for Li Xingping provides valuable information, but also laid an important foundation for the successful navigation station, navigation station is very convenient and intuitive navigation function makes it become more and more computer home page.

but what if I can set the navigation station to the home page? I’ve just built a navigation station! Come and serve our college students! Set up this site for home page! I’ve provided three simple and effective ways.

my home page method 1:

first opened my navigation website:, at the top of the page to the right position to have a link "for home page" link, click will prompt you whether my homepage navigation station. Click "yes" and set my navigation station to the home page.

my navigation station is set home page method two:

open my navigation site, and then select tools on the IE menu — the Internet option". Then we can see a dialog box popping up. We can see a way to set the home page. Click "use current page"". Finally, click OK, then set my navigation station to the home page.

my navigation station is set home page method three:

finds the IE icon on the desktop, double click to open it. When you open it, select tools on the IE menu — the Internet option". In the settings home page, enter the navigation site’s Web site: Click ok. Open the page later. The first page is my navigation website.

navigation website story

is the first navigation site was built in May 1999, before the name is "wonderful practical site", later renamed "home site", good network life, from the site of the home start "navigation website is the first portal China Internet users! Although many years have passed, but still there are a lot of users of the navigation station set the

home page!

navigation website provides users with the most convenient Internet experience, friends here quickly find their own needs of the site, without having to remember too many complex web site.

currently, almost all websites on the Internet follow the characteristics of navigation websites. Navigation websites have become an industry standard.

in August 2004, Baidu acquired its first navigation website with 11 billion 900 million yuan and 40 thousand shares. The transaction price of both sides belongs to the acquisition of a larger website in mainland china.

, founder of

, the first navigation site

grassroots Li Xingping, born in 1979 in Guangdong County of Xingning Province, is a local farmer. After graduating from junior high school in Xingping, he returned home to make a living. His humble home page is beginning to work wonders. He began to consciously site, address collection, classification work, love pondering