know a few ways to get original articles

original content acquisition method

well known, for personal Adsense speaking, do stand important is content is king, the chain is ace. These two points are very important, but also the main task of doing the station. In particular, content, search engines like originality, do not like to collect, pseudo primitive can only be made. How much of the original content of a site, is not updated in time?. For the search engine, it is the key factor to decide the weight of this station. So how can we create original content?. The company operates websites with many hands and specialized editors. Individual grassroots webmaster is often a person on their own, knowledge savings, writing skills, people’s energy is limited. Want to update ten original articles every day, even if you write it out, it will also consume a lot of time. But some webmaster may find, many webmaster every day the original article even more than ten, how do they get?. The method has nothing to do with it.

, a China HowNet database free account (campus network users only, the school to register for free, download the article outside money) can be a free download, there are articles on various topics, the magnitude of millions, if you are a university student in school with this account, you you would be a great advantage. But this right is suitable for a free account, you can download free webmaster.

two, SNS and QQ to space related themes article, we all know that SNS is the shield of search engine, QQ space is not blocked, but the search engine Baidu Google, but due to competition, not to grasp the contents inside.

three, buy a scanner to scan the map, many pictures are no e-books, and can not find the original book content on the website. Scanners aren’t expensive, around 300,

more than two, basically a lot of people know. My main point in this article is two other points.

, English also had to go to the English related to the theme of the site to find the article, then use the software translation software, translation of the article is certainly not good, so you have to use the artificial modification statement two times to make it suitable for Chinese grammar habits

two, electronic magazines and electronic newspapers. Now, the famous electronic magazine platform, zcom, has collected a number of major electronic periodicals, and all subjects have been published. Content search engines are missing in electronic journals. You can choose to have the quality to copy down the same, this method is also suitable for electronic newspapers to copy, the electronic version of the newspaper in many places also can use this method to copy these methods is what I know, here for everyone to share, if the old owners also know better, hope to share out. Helping others is helping yourself.

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