My precarious small website

today to ups and downs in recent days about the animation of my station, first of all, I was once the domain name is K enabled, there are many scruples, many people have asked 80% people strongly opposed with this domain name, but I always believe no has been to K the death of the domain name, plus a personal domain name of this love. Finally, the heart is horizontal and used.

This time

online again, always adhere to update the site every day about 40 cartoons, 2-3 time, in addition to several sites included normal Links; 2 weeks later (about one time) Baidu started the first harvest included; 55 pages, and every day but the new collection has been increasing; this time lasted more than 10 days, up to 1460 pages; traffic has soared, the relevant keyword rankings are pretty good. Suddenly 2 days Baidu did not come, then third days, is the domain name with WWW did not, so I can drop the amount of anxious God, then go to the group at Baidu, then calm down to K must be a reason why

I think the last few days what, subconsciously think of Links, check me: I and 1 stations connected by K and he not only own the linked site 10 pull by K, I hate that ah!!! I quickly withdraw, a thorough investigation all connected snapshot abnormal, the collapse was even removed all included K! Next Ninja update the site 3 times a day, after two days back! 1510 pages, but the word ranking fell down, the next 6 days as usual but did not do connection, included increased gradually. The rankings are picking up! My station is back!


or that sentence: "no K to death domain name, but to do it carefully! Connection should be careful!