Xuan son talk about the similarities and differences between Chinese and foreign soft Wen release st

is the A5 station regulars, so in A5 country a number of so-called "soft", at the same time, before I also tried English station in the station has released a number of foreign article article, found that foreign soft platform is indeed a significant gap. The author is not fawning, and look at the issue from the perspective of stationmaster, the following for reference to the webmaster. First of all part of the same, it should be easy to understand, it is through the left link to get the weight, so different points of what are, following the paper (Note: the following article refers to the station called free soft release station).

1, the number of platforms and pros and cons,

There are many famous articles

abroad, such as articlesbase.com, the celebrated ezinearticles.com, suite101.com, buzzle.com, Alex were ranked in 1000 less than, more than PR6. Other articles below PR6 are even more numerous. There is no doubt that the published articles on these platforms will gain weight is very high. In contrast, the domestic soft Wen release platform is very few, in addition to A5, Chinaz and other several weights higher, the rest are tasteless.

Contrast of

2 and copyright consciousness

as we all know, foreign countries are very concerned about copyright, which is one of the reasons why many domestic stations are being complained or even shut down. Because of this, foreign countries are very concerned about the origin of the article. Therefore, in most of the articles, you can leave a link to indicate the source of the article, and even allow the author to leave the author’s related links at the end of the article. In fact, it embodies the awareness of copyright protection. Most of the domestic soft release station are not allowed to place links in the text, and put it at the end of the article links often reproduced in process of being ruthlessly amputated, copyright is not well protected, and therefore contributes to the plagiarism theft and evil.

3, article content contrast,


may be determined by foreign thinking habits, foreign articles advocating concise list of content and style, not sloppy. But in many domestic stations the so-called soft Wen article, prolix, too subtle expression that sometimes make people confused. On the other hand, the domestic soft theme seems to be more of a station on network marketing, the topic is narrow, while the foreign countries pay more attention to the practicality and the elements of life, the topic is very broad, from how to lose weight, how to love, how to exercise.

4, audit checks contrast

relatively speaking, many domestic publishing stations, audit checks more relaxed, leading to a large number of repetition, duplication, meaningless articles exist. While the foreign audit is very strict, generally after a few days before the audit by the audit, but not through words, some editors will not tell the specific reasons, tell you how to further modify articles to re submit the audit.

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