Look at the situation of Chinese webmaster from Baidu open platform user experience

a few days in QQ micro-blog saw someone sent a screenshot, that is, in Baidu search "small game" when the return results page and a bit different. It is said to be the adjustment in the morning of 8-31. Here is the screenshot:


now see, needless to say, a search for "small game" you can directly select the display of several games, you can also see from the screenshot, see the category, the top 20 list, the search application options. You can try to operate, I will not say more. First of all, Baidu does this to give users visual impact, the picture is much better than the previous page results, and secondly, you can see the game name intuitively. Easy to choose, as well as leaderboards options, to allow users to see the most popular games. It really fits the user experience. But search results show which games are based on the rules. They are crawled from the hottest games at the moment. Or for some reason, huh? Money.

How do other

games survive? Many small game sites rely on search engines for their survival, and Baidu is a major source. Baidu launched this product (not knowing how to call it), accounting for all of the computer screen, if you want to look down, you want to slip the mouse. This is no doubt a small game site is a test. Even if a word can rank well, go up first, then the amount of Baidu is also very small.

more than "small game" the word, search "web game" when, in the promotion will be the corresponding situation, here I won’t screenshots, too long. Baidu placed the product behind the bidding, and the games appeared above were supplied by youxi.baidu.com.

users laugh, it is difficult to search after "webmaster", you can also appear webmaster head, ha ha, Baidu is not just a search engine portal. China’s tens of thousands of stationmaster feel the living environment more and more bad, the cup of Chinese stationmaster.

online wrote so many words "an old age end, will usher in a new era in the process of transformation! Will inevitably be sacrificed, and this game is the webmaster victim, no way. This move is also fully in line with Baidu’s guidelines – "to provide users with the best search results," so we can not blame Baidu for this, and strive to develop their own brands, is the hard truth! "


I can’t help laughing when I see it, "give users the best search results." the best thing to do is who pays the most. We can not blame Baidu, who let others is the domestic search engine boss, this is the brand power. So we should try our best to be our brand.

above point of view is relatively vague, only on behalf of personal views. Author: search engine marketing – mirs. Original address (http://s.ueoer.org/post/zhan>)