Let go of your burdens before you leap higher

did not write articles for a long time, and did not know what to write. However, since decided to write, we must work hard to write.

articles are not written long, long ago, but written yesterday. We have a group of classmates yesterday climbed up the Fushan Fushan, Qingdao. Very high heart, very happy!


to study in Qingdao is three years, it is really ashamed, just behind the Fushan, would see it every day, but never climbed. That is the same dormitory comrades have activities every week, mountain climbing running play. Life is very nourishing. Finally it is a year spring, the students feel no longer fall, so in a call that the case, Fushan trip officially launched.


boys and girls to have twenty men. The parcel backs all the way, but we got up early to buy it at the supermarket. A large package, really not light ah, from all the way from Qingdao, less than the foot of the mountain, the back will sweat. Fortunately, many people can exchange their backs. At the foot of the mountain, I put down the burden, so I ran all the way and became the leader…… Very proud, of course, I was the first to reach the top of the mountain, one after another on the top of the mountain. A long time ago, I paid attention to that sentence: "put down the burden, you will go farther."…… In order to have this sentence too light. But that’s all gone. It seems like a long time since I realized it. And now, again, I know the truth of this sentence. How can you walk too far and jump too high on your shoulders? You can walk farther if you put off the burden in time.

‘s three years at college seemed to have nothing to gain. Learn to forget, forget to learn. In the end, only one tired left. They say college is easy and fun. Maybe it really is. But it really is? We have a few students to fill? Easy, fun, just not knowing why it is so. So the days are always empty. Without the pressure of the college entrance examination, there is no working load for the time being. Yes, just time.

may be far away. Ha ha…… Mountain climbing, and to the third, we can happily climb the mountain, it is really not easy. Or students to face, say, go to all. A lot of things are rolling around in my mind. Always remembers the mountain in my hometown. In high school, I can climb it once a week. The mountain is not high, but it always has so much fun. So once again put down the burden on that sentence, you will go farther and do some thinking. Really put down too much, how far can we go? Yes, it can go a long way, but it is out of the way. A person can not do without pressure, and not put the burden down, we can easily go down. Some things can not be said to put down, you can put down. Family, love and friendship are things we can’t put down. Only when one has the responsibility can one go further.

the activity was a success and gained a lot. Just before a hut (www.caowu.cn) things, missed a lot of things. The hut located in the people’s hearts open garden. And I’m in this garden