Female stationmaster and without technical stationmaster, how should stand on the nternet

remember: yesterday, the first time to ADMIN5 contributions, actually a review, very happy, but unfortunately, the editor removed my connection, but it does not matter. The most important thing is to share some experience with you.

Internet, broad and profound, master is almost the dragon head but no tail, perhaps when a station owners from around after you you do not know TA is a station.

, I, a 21 year old girl, do not know what technology, what, ASP, PHP, I do not understand. After all, I really do not understand anything, but I understand the way of management, this is the kingly way.

saw a news story yesterday that a 26 year old woman (sister) has become a billionaire in just 2 years. What is the culture of others? Secondary school students, and now the secondary school students what? If it is me, people ask me what you culture, I directly said I was a junior high school student, I would not say I am a secondary school students. What do people rely on? Two words, what’s on the mind?. A person, if you have no brains, even if you read more books, nothing, perhaps many people do not agree with me, well, of course. But I think so. In our rural areas, college students go home and fish abound. What does that mean? Think for yourself.

releases himself and takes advantage of himself.

, dare to face anything. I summed up, people want to fierce, you do not fierce, others will bully you, right? Again, people are not too good, and between people, never tell. If you have a pair of eyes, but also to. Unfortunately, the world is not immortal, there is no ghosts.

be decisive, don’t be depressed, think well, as long as you think it’s feasible. But don’t be impulsive, impulse is the devil, you really want to believe that.

takes full advantage of his strengths…..

web sites in the Internet, the number is countless, master is a stronger than one. How can we survive without these technical masters? Without technology, we can’t survive. Now the Internet does not necessarily have to have the technology you can survive, others stand, function much more, that’s his whole well, do not envy, do not envy you, you do your. Analyze other people’s weaknesses, and don’t see what others are all about. Then you’ll never get the money. You are eating the rest of the meal.

when it’s OK, just think about what I can do. What am I good at? If I like music, then I will go to music and develop it in my own way. Some people will appreciate music, some people will only listen to you, you let him tell what this song is what flavor, but he did not know, or, well, good, not good, but also. But the way people do not like him, he will give his love songs, style of play, then slowly will also attract a number of love you this kind of style of friends gathered more and more slowly.

, a successful man