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      two; mastery. Seriously carry on your chosen project, and if you do shlf1314 Adsense, then I’ll have all of its product promotion skills mastered and mastered. Achieve a steady daily income of $10-20. The standard of mastery is daily income. You are relaxed, looking, listening, and communicating. It’s easy to do.

4, the buyer’s seller’s rating: according to my personal experience, in a very large volume of products, scoring between 4.5-5.0 products are acceptable. This shows that the seller has a certain degree of credit, and products are basically consistent with buyers.


5, evaluation details: if buyers really want to buy this product, then he will carefully evaluate the reference baby details, see have to buy the goods of the people, evaluation of this product, if favorable rate can reach more than 80%, so to promote the deal and have great benefits, in addition to those details of the evaluation is not very stable for one day a dozen praise, but in a few days and no evaluation, and then one day and have a lot of praise, so we have to be careful.

1, hot products directly ruled out, because the hot product competition is too intense, the short term is difficult to see the benefits, choose a kind of competition is not very intense, and the products have profit to promote more rapid profit; we can analyze and select index through sh419 and sh419 search results, but also some sh419, sh419 index, search results, the first two pages do Taobao promotion of little

      how to correct a monthly income of tens of thousands, is very simple. All you have to do is take the three elements and do the following steps:


      similarly, only you seriously like to do, then you can make tens of thousands of monthly income. Don’t come with everything. You can’t do anything at all. Spend a limited amount of energy on something that really makes money! Wangzhuan: is not much, but in essence!

3, hot products: only people buy the product, you may have to sell, selling products, trading volume, so we will be in the promotion of products easier to remember all of those the turnover rate is not stable, and high and low product to keep snacks, because this product turnover rate there may be water;

      three; replication. For example, you have mastered shlf1314 Adsense, and you can easily earn more than $10 a day. Just apply for another number and copy the same job. I know the master, a total of 5 shlf1314 Adsense accounts, each account revenue per month is about $300.

Taobao guest novice in the choice of Taobao products, sometimes very confused, do not know how to choose their own products for promotion, in the short term to see benefits. The author is April 12, 2011 officially started advertising content on your website on the Taobao customer in April 19, 2011 would have been a transaction completed, remove the logistics and payment time is calculated for four days, I used only three days on the turnover of the first order, in order to let everyone see more intuitive. I prepared a map you can see:

here, we summed up the seven experience, and the majority of webmaster share:

6, the total sales of Taobao products / guest promotion the ratio: why do you do this contrast? Because from this ratio can be seen in the following two points: the higher the proportion, indicating the higher conversion rate, dependence on Taobao customers of greater worth than low, that promotion; the main products of publicity by the seller or the seller to sell yourself, cheat, to Amoy >

 :     recently, many friends on the Internet looking for projects to do, for a while is to investigate the money, while the mail register to pull down the line, and what is the ADSL SMS vote?… Where you can make money, go for it. I can be very responsible to tell you, so do not want to make money! Very simple, people’s energy is limited. Each place to spend energy to do, each project you can not thoroughly proficient, then each project is to earn a little money, and finally add up as well as others concentrate on a project, more money.

      the principle of earning tens of thousands of months can be summed up in one sentence: "simple moves to perfection are extreme skills."!"

      1. Select. Find a reliable, long-term project. For example, shlf1314, Adsense, Asian friends, or domestic 265, results alliance, etc., are pretty good choices. Currently, shlf1314 Adsense is the best choice for novices;


2, reasonable product commission: Commission for single goods is usually between 40 yuan and 100 yuan. Commission is too low, even if the promotion is good, every month’s income will be limited; if the Commission is too high, then the product will increase the difficulty of the corresponding increase;