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as the first domestic VR hardware manufacturers, music technology backing is not small, the golden master behind there lei. In December last year, millet and thunder and other companies spend $30 million stake in music related issues, has caused a stir in the circle. The founder of the Chen Zhaoyang, in the VR industry steeped for more than 10 years, from the military first significant to today’s consumer VR headset, to start their own businesses from Intel, he witnessed the development of domestic VR industry. At present, Le phase focused on providing VR equipment for the game, its best known product is Dapeng helmet, which is the next most likely to become "one of the VR hardware explosion".

in the first quarter of this year, with the Oculus, Sony, HTC three international VR giants have released a new generation of consumer products, the incoming people have shouted "VR first year" arrived. Today, in this industry, there are more entrepreneurs than VR products, and more attention is paid to investors in this field than entrepreneurs. At the same time, some pioneering companies with "unicorn" qualities are emerging.


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although the capital "wind" blowing vigorously, but in the field of intelligent hardware, but there is another view: VR summit one after another debut, robot products one after another release, smart car behind BAT’s busy figure. Under the heat of this faction, there is no need for capital to add fuel to the fire". In VR, for example, in the first quarter of this year, global financing amounted to $217 million, an increase of nearly 8% over the previous quarter. In addition, the robot, smart car industry investment data is also very brisk. Then, in the capital surrounded by, VR, robots, smart cars, who will lead the birth of the next unicorn,

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            after 06 years in Waterloo, in the 07 year lunar new year is approaching, obviously feel personal weakness, even 315 this year as usual may have, because no pressure, no risk. Making money on the road is flat. The wilderness is vast.

          07 years, the website should do, how to adhere to their own web site, how the rapid profits, placed in front of many webmaster confusion.

07 total advertising market analysis  

    former Adsense income; 80% rely on mobile phones, SMS, MMS, WAP, iivr and other monthly. The SP is not as good as the previous 10%, and will continue to decrease in 07 years. Taobao, eBay and other rich advertising unions will also gradually reduce investment, and after 06 years of pain, the risk of investment in the 07 years will continue to decrease.

07 personal website development thinking

Web site in the future will surely die, 1 web site now want to do it, is very difficult, even impossible, unless you use the virus, you use the plug-in, you spend millions of millions of years to hit 1-2, any type of Web site, it will be difficult to develop. Whether it’s a direct URL, or an exchange type URL station, or an industry type URL station. Since hao123 sold it, the simple model has been copied quickly, even to a web site. Where’s the money map for the future? Rely on sh419 search, shlf1314 search, Yahoo search split to make money? sh419 own hao123, shlf1314 also with the 265 strategic alliance, Yahoo has its own dynamic 3721 web site.


Abstract: one side is the Internet, while the traditional manufacturing industry, seemingly do not take the two industries in the mobile Internet, has brought together have amazing chemistry, to subvert the industry all-powerful potential. Looking at the moment, whether it is VR, robots or smart cars, may be pregnant with the next unicorn.

VR: a gold mine full of craters,

two years ago, when Facebook CEO Zuckerberg bit his teeth and signed his name on the purchase agreement, the giant spent $2 billion on the acquisition of Oculus. This scene is the first glimpse of many people in the VR industry. At that time, more people didn’t know what VR was. But time has only been two years forward, and as we have seen, a whole new world has arrived.