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A: at a higher level, we think there is still a lot of knowledge that exists in people’s minds, and that information is very inaccessible. Although the Internet capacity is very large today, we have to admit that there are still vast amounts of information that are not easily accessible. Our plan now is to make it easier for users to get information that is not easy to access. Whatever you want to know, just log in to Quora and find what you want. At the same time, we will create a platform for people to share knowledge more conveniently. In this way, the value of Quora will be more obvious. Of course, we are also faced with many challenges, to protect the quality of information is a threshold. We will do our best to solve these problems.

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for this reason, Uber went through several class actions. Earlier this year, a judge in Losangeles dismissed a settlement agreement that paid only $1 to the 1 million 600 thousand drivers in California as a settlement. With the expansion of the contract dispute, Instacart has transformed its business model and begun to provide employee status for contract workers.

, Professor of New York University and author of "shared economy", says that Hello Sundararajan employs a business model that employs people. He said: "they want to do is full-time, corresponding to the same apartment, this business model needs to build on the customer and Alfred trust, so let them contract mode is not feasible."."

recently, the U. S. technology blog GigaOm interview with the Q & a website Quora founder and CEO Adam · Angelo Adam D’Angelo. Angelo was one of Facebook’s early employees and served as Facebook’s first chief technology officer. In the interview, Angelo talked about some of the things he learned during his Facebook career, including:

execution is more important than creativity. "Facebook is not longer than the creative company, but I think we have a creative after focusing on execution, focusing on quality and expansion," Angelo said, "Quora is like, we want to have a day can be 100 times larger than today."

Hello Alfred is a family management company from New York. They send assistants called "Alfreds" to help customers dry cleaning, clean houses, express delivery and so on. CEO and co founder Marcela Sapone said that when they launched the service in September 2014, they chose to hire Alfreds as their employees because customers could trust them. She said: "we need to make sure that we hire people who are truly trustworthy and can rest assured that they can accomplish the task."."

on demand type startups often because the employment problem has been criticized, these companies usually take to avoid full-time employee benefits and payroll taxes, labor cost and the choice of contract workers to complete the task.

A: now I’m not sure whether the company will make this a profit point, because our focus now is to promote growth, scale up and attract as many people as possible to Quora

is to focus on the long-term and do the right things in the company, not the short-term ones.

below is excerpts of interviews, translated by Tencent science and technology:

although the decision means more than 30% of the labor cost, which means it can’t change the salary scale or contract agreement like other enterprises, but Sapone thinks the extra cost is worth it. "We chose W-2 employees, so we can invest and train them," she said." Hiring employees also means that Alfreds can move forward with the company. Sapone said they hired hundreds of Alfreds and had high employee retention rates, which contract workers couldn’t do.

wants to get out of control. "Whether it’s in Facebook or Quora, I’m writing code to management. You have to adapt to giving up control, and then you’ll see that there’s someone better than you."."

Sapone added: "another huge payoff is customer feedback and the amount of customer service we need to deal with."." Hello Alfred does not take the traditional on-demand model, but uses the regular service, provides the corresponding service according to the demand level. She said: "Alfreds visits once a week on an agreed date, and you can also follow requirements."

Arun Alfred,

Q: Recently you managed to raise $50 million, and you are the main investor in the first round of financing. That means you put your money into the Quora. So, what’s Quora’s future development plan? Why are you so confident about Quora’s future,

at the same time, some outsourcing oriented firms tend to hire W-2 employees and provide appropriate benefits. What caused these companies to give up contract workers to full-time employees? Here are some reasons.

Q: now there are some websites similar to Quora, such as Skillshare, Coursera and Udacity. These sites provide a great deal of help in the process of gaining revenue through web counseling among many knowledge experts. So, does Quora have any plans for that in the future,

full-time employees are better able to build trust relationships with their customers