Another pay search pay straight chainDo you know why your website doesn’t make money

pay straight chain suitable for you? It’s clear that many marketers are benefiting from paid links. So, let’s take a real look at the potential benefits and risks.

other major search engines use link analysis as a basis for correlation and ranking, and page content analysis is also included. In fact, the content of the page is often closely related, and the link structure – including keywords, links to web sites, and the relative number of links in the page – will have an impact on the association.

paid straight chain is the traditional search engine profitmodel challenge, the ranking algorithm of search engine based on the concept that a website from a link to another site is on the importance of the vote, shlf1314 PageRank is the ultimate application link.

      when we just built the site also took many tortuous paths, but also in the exploration progress, but since I see below this article knew their problem; the problem is the so-called good. To solve the problem, now has been harvested;

        I hope this article will benefit everyone:

        one, I don’t know how to make money

        wrong ideas: and so big, and think about how to make money, because the three major portals, sh419 and other well-known websites have come this way!

        have you ever thought about these questions?:

        1, and these successful websites at the same time take the same way down the site?

        2; is the Internet environment the same as the Internet environment 10 years ago?

        3. What is the success rate of this business model?

        very low; and will be getting lower and lower!!!

        please remember this principle:

        A; high risk does not necessarily have high returns!

        B; if you want low-risk operations, a website that can really make money for you, you must first think about how to make money, and then do it again!

        two; profit model is too complex

     ;   1, the more links a project has, the more dangerous it is because, as long as one of the links is not done, it may fail

     ;   2, the more complex the profit model, your users and customers more difficult to understand, so that users and customers have seen a big head, you will be difficult to succeed.


here is a part of it, only extending the concept. Paid links are growing fast and it is clear that if marketers don’t use paid links, they don’t exist. Maybe your competitors are using them successfully.

marketing in the past few years will be attracted by the straight chain — can bring traffic, but also on the search engine optimization, text link network in the rapid expansion of some search engine optimization company has underground network links, these links network is not announced, because the search engine will be punished for this paid backlinks the. These link networks are usually classified by industry and are in line with the relevance of search engines.

some companies sell the public straight chain, such as: Text Link Ads, PayPerPost Live, Customer, LinkBuildingDirect, AuthorityDomains, V7, Network, Textlinkbrokers, Network and Solutions etc..

No wonder

in May 18, 2007, in general, most people would think that paid search is just a search engine business, including click on ads, shopping engines, and paid collections. But today we’re going to talk about a fast and controversial form of paid search, a new form that links search engine optimization and associated advertising.

Is the

Paid direct links paid straight chain is a kind of network organization directly from the website or buy advertising links, different from the search link, they are standard HTML links, can generate traffic and links on the website directly weighted.

search engines have jumped out of the pay chain because the paid links subvert the natural way the search engines rank and evaluate websites. Anyone who knows SEO is aware that external links, whether or not they are paid, are important to the search results. Of course, search >