Talk about my little business on my tail in 2012Recommend a good Wangzhuan idea

maybe a lot of people don’t know me. My name is Wang Shifan. I’ve been living on SEO. But at the end of the year, SEO’s list is relatively small, but I can spend more money. How can I solve this contradiction? Only by making more money on my own. "How to make money?" the title says, "small business", in fact, even "small business" is not. I would like to borrow A5 platform to share my idea of making money, so that you can make a small profit before the new year, and have a good year.

how do you collect dogs? Do you really want to have a male and one mother? Too much trouble. Every city has the same city, Hefei also has a dog market — the red flower park. In order to study the question of my dog, spent a week, every day to see, to play, with professional dog dealer chat. At the end of the day, found a phenomenon: every Sunday, many housewives to the red flower park to find the dog traders to sell their home puppy, dog traders always find reason to say no, the purpose is to keep the prices down, often have very good pup, but was sold at a low price. Furthermore, a smart housewife, you will be holding a carton for stalls selling, but these people tend to overlook a problem, do not know the dog beauty to raise prices, the result is the price. I found that this is a business opportunity, that is, spend 1600 yuan to collect 5 teddy.

Why does

recently discovered a new online mall to buy nets, a free gift of a shopping mall, I was tired of shopex, buy net front page quite refreshing atmosphere, a bit like Taobao, just try. Originally, my purpose is very simple, that is, in order to save trouble, all commodity upload and mall management do not have to operate on my own, the results will automatically help me update, I am worried that the conversion rate will be low. However, after using, but greatly contrary to my expectations, use to buy online mall promotion rate of transformation, compared to my previous shopex shopping platform has not decreased, but improved. Self summary, Wangzhuan not your own look so good, not look good is not good, the key is to experiment, practice.

do Wangzhuan have juvenile head, large and small Wangzhuan are also tried, now in the project there are many. Like GG Adsence, Ali mother cat, there is advertising alliance. The results, Yiqifa linktech and is now the top three domestic advertising alliance, each also has various characteristics, comparison of results and recommend linktech, timely payment activities more, backstage function is perfect.

CPS recently this Wangzhuan patterns are increasingly popular, the network advertising model may later be more inclined to sell into this form, pattern analysis is not to say, you can go to Ai Rui on a lot, I want to talk about the practical things can make money. I tried to make use of shopex to build a shopping mall, which is put the alliance CPS activities of goods, through the promotion of my own mall earn affiliate commissions, feeling shopex station of SEO is not too friendly, search engine optimization effect is not very obvious, the day the order will come from search engines about 20 single, compared to words, or orders forum and sh419 brought more Post Bar posts. It is important that shopex management is very tired, I need to submit each commodity, although there is a bulk upload tool, but the management of a mall, is really very tired, feel the investment of time and effort and output is not proportional.

how to sell dogs? As an Internet person, we must use the Internet to sell dogs. 58, go to the market, people all hair side, refresh every day, these operations are basic work. How to edit the content of the classified information, increase purchasing power, 99% of the people will find pretty Teddy pictures on the Internet, placed in the information, so that it can enhance purchasing power. Wrong! Pictures must have their own, try to find a good point, the dog cute looks out, and strive to do so that girls see it fall in love with it. Four dog, I’m going to sell, since decided to sell high, it certainly needs with high quality service, dog cage, dog clothes, dog beauty, these activities must have, in addition, small and canine distemper test card, let the dog friends buy buy. These add up to $100 per dog, and each of my teddy dogs is priced at $1200, and the lowest price is $1000. There’s also a trick that a guy asks for a dog or a dog to see unless he comes with a girlfriend or a girlfriend

choose Teddy instead of another dog? One reason: Teddy is more liked by girls. Of course, girls have the best money. Two reasons: Teddy itself and sweet, sticky, very interesting. Reason three: Teddy dog wholesale cost is low, unlike those on a thousand, tens of thousands of dogs, the cost is big, not for me. And those strings of dogs, in itself, have nothing valuable, if sold, the profits will not be too impressive. Above all, I choose Teddy dog to make money.

every winter is a good season to sell dogs, because dogs are the two seasons of winter and summer breeding is strong. I choose the most adorable Teddy to sell.

before the article, we are very supportive, thank you all, everyone’s questions, I will sum up the answer, here also mention it. I used to buy network mall, feel good to recommend to everyone, mall home does have two custom banner ads, here no matter what advertising can be hung, the background can be operated. The way to answer the 360th question, I do not know why to buy separate results net net mall had a background, I found that you can upgrade the account after use, many CPA advertising can do, the results management background UI do well. Then we are most concerned about the promotion of the problem, how do I promote my own mall?. I’d like to introduce you to the five one