How to increase shlf1314 Adsense revenueHow many pain points did SaaS hit you in the start-up period

generally, ambitious entrepreneurs look at the high frequency of rigid products for everyone, this kind of product is a typical communication and cooperation as the main body, because only this type of application is all the people of the enterprise. Look at the market, a large number of users of enterprise class products, basically are such. For example, nail, enterprise number, today’s goal, and then down is a variety of OA products. Mostly.

each application has a very strong window, the window period is usually 2-3 years, there are some historical opportunities, such as mobile Internet dividends over the period, 2-3 years, generally speaking, the opportunity is not. Especially basic communications, communication and collaboration applications, with a strong versatility and level of features, in the window period competition is extremely intense, but also most likely to use free mode to do promotion. Because of its high frequency, rigidity, and basic characteristics, a fee is usually charged after the competition is not particularly intense or the dust settles. Or form a flow portal and seek commercial returns in other ways.

2. improve your website content quality, only the quality up, in order to attract people to visit, in order to improve the Adsense display number, only show many times, in the same clickthrough rate CTR of the cases, the total effective number can increase your click. And the increase in the amount of browsing can also increase shlf1314’s advertising efforts on your site. I wonder if you’ve noticed more ads on your website’s larger page

1. first, and most importantly, do not click fraud "don t fraudulent click Don, don’t try to cheat" t cheat, shlf1314 is always smarter than you shlf1314 is always a lot smarter than you, there have been too many examples of the account Account has been closed, don’t feel lucky, because the Adsense system can record every click Adsense can log every click, but as long as you have a cheat, will come to naught, all the income before income were confiscated Your money will be gone.

3., in front of two points, pick up some more expensive keywords select, some, higher, cost, keywords. I believe you have found that your website’s Adsense click revenue is not stereotyped, but some high, some low, what is the reason? I believe you have guessed, the key lies in the different keywords the cost per click is not the same, so, in your page if containing keywords more expensive if the ad cost is relatively high, so the same number of clicks, the income is more. Below is a list of some of the more expensive keywords a foreign website to discuss some of the numbers and not pay attention to key words behind the revenue per click, but the price of Adwords, of course, the auction price is higher in proportion to pay you more money:
Bush Cheney $0.80
Health $3.90
Kerry $0.84
Medicine $1.92
Point of sale software $10.40
President $0.54
SEO $4.61
Satellite TV $3.93
University Degrees Online $8.74
Yoga $1.58

start-up business class service company, you have to understand one thing: your product is in line with the needs of the market?. If this problem is solved, it can be regarded as a real enterprise on the right track. Media and VC also often refer to this phase with the product market fit PMF. At this stage, often need to think about the following questions: should I do a large and complete product is small but beautiful? Is of low frequency or high frequency? Free or paid? Rigid or non rigid? In the process of product development, and how to define the product boundary? When to add? When how to do subtraction? Sales and service work? How to deal with investors? The entrepreneurs themselves and how to progress? On these issues, the practice, my own observation and thinking, to share my understanding.


when the competition of basic application is settled, all kinds of industry or vertical application products are flourishing. High frequency field >

dark horse community enterprise services branch secretary Wan Tao, 31 meeting of network business, also in 2015 to enjoy the explosive growth in early 2017, the 31 conference received 40 million yuan A+ round of financing, ran out as one of the brothers, we try to please him, from the intermediate perspective, with us to understand start-up enterprise services company, in the end is what pain points of suffering. Following is Wan Tao script.

pain point 1: product rhythm and mode

gave birth to a lot of things, in 2015, we really feel a burst of fire in the field of SaaS, and the stability of the old game player to catch the express train of capital. The overflow of talent, ideas, and atmosphere also spawned a whole host of new players. The ensuing 2016 cold, 2017 regression, SaaS industry has entered a new stage.