Lazy lazy from shlf1314 Adsense how to point their advertising, talk about this line of unspoken rul

shlf1314 can be K, is not in violation of the rules, there is the risk of K, here is an example of real side, the industry has a lot of the unspoken rule, but most people don’t know:

in general, as long as the advertisers that achieve, feel good advertising platform, will continue to spend advertising, shlf1314 itself is to earn the money, and you just help his best helper, so how would you. So many people every day their own point of shlf1314 advertising, plus a few cents feel good, in fact, really play shlf1314, a little bit of things will not do it.

shlf1314 technology is powerful, that is, you can trace to deep access, but this is also the biggest vulnerability. TIPS: interested can visit my micro-blog; Affiliate search can be found, the next time the notice, 08 years, the number of people because of a chance, 2-3 months to become a millionaire.

DELL ads directly with the machine to see how much money has been paid close to there, so with more money, shlf1314 advertising, not to say that you point will give you a good price, the key is to see the depth of your access level. If you order some insurance ads, submit some information, some more, and more. And, generally speaking, such self clicking will not be cheated by shlf1314. Because the main advertising itself is the need to have the effect of advertising, advertising, such as real estate brokerage, the effect is much more than the telephone consultation opinion, not to see if you were really a house, because there is no such advertising can guarantee the turnover rate.

recently, my little brother bored, got a blog, and, of course, applied for shlf1314 Adsense. He wrote in English, the unit price can be, at any point, about 0.5 dollars. His method is also simple, every day in school, use different WIFI area, point to own advertisement. Then use MSN to promote his friends and classmates and increase the display. CTR is also relatively high, generally around 20%. In that case, shlf1314 sends money to him. Why,

online advertising presents some characteristics of its own, compared with the form of radical advertising. Understand these characteristics, grasp the essence of online advertising marketing strategy. The characteristics of Internet advertising, many related books and articles are listed some surface phenomena, such as interactivity, universality, pertinence, diversity, the statistical representation of the network advertisement, indeed has these characteristics in a certain level, but the basic characteristics in the practical application stage or not fully play in either of these features to lack from the deep essence of network advertisement, so it is necessary to understand the characteristics of network advertisement from a deeper level of.

advertising on the network status of the full analysis of research, and has been widely spread on the Internet advertising features induces four essential features of network advertisement on the basis of summing up the advertising information and services need to be attached to the carrier of value; the core idea of network advertisement is to attract user attention and double click; Internet advertising is mandatory and user attributes leading; network advertising should reflect the interaction between users, advertisers and network media three.

or use other valuable web services, such as search engines, instant messaging, etc., users are in order to obtain valuable information for themselves to browse the web, read e-mail. Online advertising is associated with these


network marketing method has a pivotal position, network advertising is one of the main methods of network marketing. Various methods of network marketing in fact can also understand the specific representation for the network advertisement, not just limited to the various specifications placed on the web BANNER advertising, such as e-mail advertising, search engine keyword advertising, search ranking and other fixed can be understood as the representation of network advertisement. No matter what form is presented, the essential characteristics of online advertising are the same. The essence of online advertising is a means of transmitting marketing information to Internet users, and it can make rational use of the user’s attention resources.

mainly because of such a thing:

My point is

‘s current research and application of online advertising especially the BANNER ads for web display is not really thorough enough, according to the four essential features of these online advertisements. Therefore, some advantages of online advertising have not yet been fully represented. From the online advertising market, changes in the share of various forms of online advertising can also reflect this situation. The search engine advertising, because the essential characteristics of Internet advertising with in many aspects, it has obtained rapid development, by the end of 2004, 3 from the lack of search engine advertising has 5% years ago to occupy 40% share of online advertising. This also explains from another aspect, the understanding of the essential features of online advertising is vital to both the online advertising form itself and to the enterprise’s online marketing activities.

Many people think that

I told him one of those secrets:

once he asked me to help him with the ad, I opened his blog, ordered an ad, and then, when he finished, his shlf1314 Adsense showed $12 plus, and he asked me what was the matter.

1 Internet advertising needs to depend on valuable information and service carrier.