Taobao customers can not achieve a few thousand dollars a month summaryBUAA nternet business arena

Tencent open platform University Entrepreneurship inventory eighth, together walked into Beihang University.

2000 graduated from northern Sun Jiangtao, is a legendary serial entrepreneur. In the northern school, Sun Jiangtao called on the students with computer books earned more than ten million yuan. After that, he did SP, mobile games, YY like UKISS, until the creation of game cards to Chinese game players and game operators to provide platform, Shenzhou paid. China listed in Hong Kong in December 2013 with a market capitalization of over one billion Hong Kong dollars.

Liao Lichun: from Chairman to spade king,

second: lack of user trust

many people are free to download a Taobao program on the internet. Even if you do some simple changes, but eventually still use the other people’s program kernel, will always give people a deja vu feeling. Therefore, many users will doubt the authenticity of this program and its security, and often maintain a skeptical attitude. Finally, I wish you all the money to come here and write it for the time being, and continue writing tomorrow. Www.58task, remember my station, the website that makes money on the internet.

, but the effect of the navigation station does not seem to have so good results on the surface, although many of the navigation is done Taobao customers, but not to say, do Taobao navigation site, will certainly have money.

, I analyzed, Taobao navigation site, the reason why not make money, probably for the following reasons:

first: navigation site is far from Taobao’s official smart search, powerful

1989 graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics controlled professional Liao Lichun, there have been many impressive experience: he was one of the heroes of Liu Chuanzhi under the door, at the age of 24 in charge of Lenovo Guangzhou branch, the 28 year old founder of the Beijing Chentuo company, hardware and software products with national patent and copyright of computer software right by a number of independent research and development of the dominating the industry. 39 enterprises have annual sales of hundreds of millions of. Since 2004, Liao Lichun has devoted himself to public welfare, planting more than 1 million trees in the desert.

everyone should know, Taobao has super powerful shopping search function. In this search function, he doesn’t need to use your yellow navigation function. Some people might say, "isn’t hao123 successful too?" this is different from Taobao’s navigation. Because Taobao passenger navigation, the user is to buy things, or to go in trouble to find, it is better to use Taobao search directly. And users will not be relieved to use your search function.


Internet banking is one of the most popular industries in China today, and Xu Zewei is one of the most concerned figures in the Internet banking circles. 2006 graduated from the Law School of the northern Xu Zewei, who had worked for the family bank, agricultural bank, Sina, Sohu and other financial company, founded in 2011 91. This self proclaimed "boring", "will only work" after 80 entrepreneurs, with 3 years to build a hundred billion yuan trading volume of the financial ecosystem, and the company to achieve 3 billion market capitalization.

third: programs repeat a lot of

by more than one percent light speed

is known as the engineering specialty in Beihang University, is a famous university entrepreneurship education Entrepreneurship Competition Award: get above the level of the students, the school to give the research qualification and graduate student scholarship; entrepreneurial team members can apply for up to two years of study for Hugh entrepreneurial practice; outstanding entrepreneurial team can use the free business practice base hatch the site for a year…… Young entrepreneurs who were obsessed with the dream of entrepreneurship have now become the leaders of the industry. They have sent back their alma mater to set up student entrepreneurship funds, totaling nearly 100 million yuan. To realize their dreams more and more students are northern national entrepreneurship tide.


recently found a lot of friends do Taobao navigation site, there are many reasons, the first navigation site production is relatively simple, in addition to occupy space is relatively small, relatively easy to operate.

Xu Zewei:

Abstract: those young alumni who are obsessed with the dream of entrepreneurship have now become the leaders of the industry. They have sent back their alma mater to set up student entrepreneurship fund with a total of nearly 100 million yuan.


a lot of people do Taobao guest sites, navigation stations do very poor quality. Users themselves on your site is not very trust, and now your quality is so bad, he will certainly not worry. Another point is that there are more and more fishing sites, many members will be afraid you are fishing sites. In this case, will let members even see see your site is fishing site, even if entered, and won’t use.


Sun Jiangtao: every step on the line of consecutive entrepreneurs,