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, first of all, is a team with two full-time partners and a partner who pays for it. Followed by shopping platform, with a PHP order system transformation, the interface is huge ugly. At this time, I joined as a technical person and began to undertake the design and development of the platform.

according to Kickstarter public relations, during the CEO transition, Chen Perry will still participate in the project. In addition, in the position of chairman, he will consider and plan the development blueprint of Kickstarter from a new angle of view.

, the remaining co-founder Stehlik Le, will replace Chen Perry as CEO, and he will be the second CEO in Kickstarter history. Prior to this, Stehlik Le in the company responsible for community, external communication, customer service and other business.

founder of Internet chips and star site Kickstarter, is approaching the age of five birthday. Recently, Kickstarter announced a total funding of nearly $1 billion, but also a good news is that Kickstarter has also ushered in a high-rise There was no parallel in history. adjustment.

2014 in March, at that time in Nanchang, people are not accustomed to using WeChat, brush circle of friends became popular on campus, micro-blog has been in the past, the WeChat era is coming, many people still ask "what is the difference between WeChat and ," at that time, I began to smell the WeChat may bring business opportunities.

While announcing this historic achievement, Kickstarter also announced the biggest executive adjustment since its birth in

data shows that Kickstarter has three co founders, namely Chen Peili, Stehlik Le Yancey Strickler and Adler Charles Adler.

how do I join this project and what kind of project it is?

Kickstarter has announced that 5 million people have so far provided nearly $1 billion in financial support for a large number of start-ups. The success of Kickstarter in business models has led to the proliferation of Kickstarter sites across the country.

Chen Perry said that he quit Kickstarter daily operations, the future hopes to pursue more of their own innovative projects.

Chen Perry is not the only co-founder to quit day-to-day management. Another founder, Adler, plans to return to Chicago to reunite with his family. He will quit his day-to-day management position at Kickstarter and will serve as a consultant in the future.

business needs to have special genes, with occasional success, not prepared to fail don’t start, but the chance is like this, you will never be keenly aware of not trying. The product, operation and profit mode of the project itself, the project team members are able to bring success to the person in charge of the project is with leadership qualities, and your own enough all rational response to the startup? These four points are what I think entrepreneurship should be the most current thinking.

review in the first half of this year has seen a fourth venture, the team disbanded, the project stalled, ended in failure, experience all the time invested, visible before the eyes, energy, money and feelings, just like the dust in the wind, slowly calm, disappear in the world. Dust to dust, soil to earth, failure is not the end of the world, it is important to brave and frankly admit defeat, and learn from it and grow up.

2014 Spring Festival, WeChat red packets so that Ma can not sleep well, WeChat through a red envelope game, so that hundreds of millions of users bound up their bank cards. A IM social networking tool for bank card binding, the intention known to all. Here comes the commercialization of WeChat! When I formally contacted the team in March, it was time for me to see the opportunity. A mobile mall, WeChat public platform as the entrance, although the interface giant ugly, but I felt the way into my life.

the concept of this project is very simple: mobile shopping mall. WeChat, micro-blog, , including all mobile terminals can access the Internet, you can order goods from our mall, or even text messages can be. What we are going to do is a mobile shopping experience. Now it looks so simple, even outdated concept, at that time, in fact, is still very novel, when many people have proposed the mobile Internet supplier slogan, but no one really do

was not available way, micro music Xianggang started, pocket pass before fame, I decided in the long term, all of its own R & D platform, to ensure that we have all the information, user information will not be leaked, and spent less than a month’s time, a new online platform, interface and the functions are to achieve a qualitative leap.

. As co-founder of CEO, Chen Perry Perry-Chen announced that from January 1st next year, no longer serve as CEO duties, transferred to the chairman.

media pointed out that in the past nearly five years, Kickstarter management team remained basically unchanged, so the executive adjustment, in the Kickstarter belongs to an unprecedented scale. In general, a major restructuring of the Internet Co’s founder team is not good news for the company’s development. These adjustments will also lead to speculation and concern. However, Chen said in a blog post that his departure would not affect Kickstarter’s business and his pursuit of the vision of Perry.