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find the guest group of a guest asked him to help me make a stand, when I watch the demo station feeling really bad because of his patience to teach to make my website for FTP with the initial understanding of CMS! Of course the station did not do it I will not work the use of DEDCMS for the program; release module acquisition module to sell 30 2 yuan / month, spent a total of 44 yuan but eventually give up.


I’m not advertising to declare a website like this that you can’t buy. Just use this website to explain what time it is. Also hope to do Taobao friends, do Taobao guest website before analysis, such procedures can let sh419 like?. Because you build a website that is used to make money. If the content is the same, in front of you in the web site, their content is included many, many, in contrast, may your site will be included very few, very few words, traffic not go, what to clinch a deal.

passenger is now becoming more and more popular, more and more people are doing, may veteran obviously feel now is more and more difficult to make money, just different before a program can make money, the conversion of the flow is very high. Now, Taobao’s Web site is everywhere, free of charge and free. SEO will know that using the same program, if not modified, is not possible for SEO. sh419 likes originality. Everything is the same, just like gathering. sh419 doesn’t like this kind of station. By analyzing a lot of high paying websites, such as www.520eg, why is his website so special? I’m sure sh419 like it very much. The following reasons.

2 buy source code must use >


had failed the first time without any results, a reflection decided to go to Taobao to buy a fake hao123 as the guest station, in order to prevent being cheated ask the group in the group because of a guest before listen to him in the group on their four thousand or five thousand monthly income of tens of thousands of income and it is always the screenshots consult each other to persuade he bought 120 yuan Beijing source said two independent IP plus source together 200 yuan to sell me, and tell me how I should this is the focus of Publicity because it is too tempting to believe that income.

the first point is that such a site joined the store function, shops are manually increased, and this advantage in comparison with similar API sites, he data is not the same, not the same. Just like BIADU thinks it’s original, so BIADU likes to include such websites.

warning: Tao in the establishment of this step should not waste too much time, select the station must choose a good moral art seller Amoy predecessors.

third points, API call commodity title, content have done pseudo original processing. This is more suitable for inclusion. Content like originality.

second points, there is article system, and the article system added pseudo original function, the most important thing is that the article system can increase in the chain at the same time, also can let your web site change more content.

analysis: this time I think it is not a complete station, because the home is almost all the web page text is not ideal, this is willing to spend 44 yuan to complete in order to learn, thank you for the friend to help me for the future of the Amoy road laid the foundation.

failed for the first time,

this article by www.520eg first A5 www.admin5, I hope to reprint friends for me to retain a connection, thank you

and then I added that I did not apply for the domain name, the new domain name and no record, that it has a domain name can be sold to me, as long as 30 yuan, you can hit 30 yuan in the past. Here comes the problem: the website code shows error, the web page copy speed is slow, the PID of the channel page is not changed to my domain name, it is only expired in 2 months. A space check is nothing at all. Beijing double line is not independent, IP is a famous slow Go Daddy host. Just eleven holiday period, looking for each other to deal with the problem, the other party Missing 7 days, said it was to Nanjing tourism, ha ha, looking for it to space, the background does not give, this time is finally a liar.

warning: 1 people don’t trust income screenshots, the National People’s Congress released more income is the purpose of attracting you kamimagari.

has just begun to understand Tao from 09 in mid September, just know Tao but also from that time began. After fully understand the Tao is a promising industry, more and more to the guest wants to join the army in the past, of course, according to the network usually that website is the most ideal, can be a problem. I’m not going to do can only spend money to buy the source code so far officially began operations

Several network deception

novice Amoy had to pay attention to the experience of some beginners! By learning


failed second times,