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Wing Hung technology founder He Chuntao, graduated from Sichuan University in 1999 majoring in mathematics, BI and enterprise application has accumulated nearly 20 years of experience. Before the venture has served as vice president of research and development of well-known transnational commercial Intelligent Company, more than half of the service of the world’s top 500 enterprises, including Macquarie Bank, AT& T, IBM, China Life Insurance, general electric and other enterprises, it can be said that has a profound understanding of the field of BI technology and demand.

the personality and values of a company founder determine the company’s direction. He Chuntao once said "do poineering work, must be able to endure loneliness, keep morality", and Wing Hung technology values is "creating value with excellent technical data for customers, to achieve customer success". About the creation of Wing Hung technology of the mind, He Chuntao said, exploratory analysis and data analysis in the field of data analysis has become undoubtedly the trend, but so far rarely see local business services company success of globalization, it is not reasonable to change the situation of Wing Hung technology.

CEO He Chuntao on the Wing Hung Technology billion yuan financing new mileage

‘s simplest and most effective success is self replication. First, its success shows that you can handle the project. Second, its own success shows that the project is feasible from practical operation. Third, the success of their own that you already have successful experience, and then copy the success of their own that is hundreds of times.

, maybe you can make 10 bucks a day on your own projects. You need to think about how to make 10 copies, so you can make 100 copies a day, and 100 copies make 1000 dollars a day. If you succeed 10 times more often, then you can make 10000 dollars a day. According to friends I know, income >

CSDN: over the years in BI and data analysis

and I talked about in the current state of work, He Chuntao said, enjoy the current state, in addition to every Monday day with your family, or other time together and the team, since the choice of entrepreneurship must persist, work hard, will succeed.

introduction: very few companies, from the day they were created, each had to compete with a global competitor, PK. When you marvel at its performance and achievements, the founder’s entrepreneurial feeling is surprisingly calm: do your work and you’ll be accepted by the customer.

often says that the success of the Internet can be replicated, so what we often think of is to copy other people’s success without thinking of replicating their success. Yesterday from big brother said to me, some things do not need to test, to a waste of time. Temptation is a fatal trap for our cyber people. Other people’s success is very successful, very good copy, and the actual operation, you will find it difficult to compare with you, or than your original operation of the project is much worse.

Wing Hung technology founder He Chuntao, graduated from Sichuan University in 1999 majoring in mathematics, BI and enterprise application has accumulated nearly 20 years of experience.

below is CSDN’s interview with He Chuntao.


completed the iResearch lead investor Pre-A round of financing in December 100 million yuan B round of financing last year from 2013, Wing Hung technology apart from the rapid growth of their business on the rapid advance in product and market. Just three years, Wing Hung technology will include customers including mobile, Unicom, telecom, rich fund, CITIC Bank, Midea, HUAWEI and other giants, letv.

success is successful, if you do not have a successful model to copy others, if you have your own successful models, continue to replicate its success, insist on its own way to go in the end. In communicating with a few friends, knowing that they had found a pattern of success, they could give up because of this or that problem or some setback. Or see others succeed, give up their original way, do not go. As a result, he lost the watermelon and did not pick up the sesame seeds.

business in the field of BI not only need strong technical accumulation, to the founder of the industry unique understanding, in addition, in the field of BI, many veteran manufacturers entrenched and emerging Internet giants, so from the first day to start a startup, destined to face the giants PK, Wing Hung technology is such an enterprise.

said above, I passed the group IDC advertising, and help friends in the group to solve the problem. Basically every day to sell a space, a hundred per day income is no problem. When I proved in fact that this is a feasible road, I applied for a new , add about 30 groups every day, and generally can have a dozen through verification. Plus the group, I will mass advertising. T was not afraid of the group number down, and then continue to add up a few days, copy the same work every day, you can achieve the same income.

in the middle will also encounter a problem, such as where to find Adsense group, home page, I’m from own group search, and secondly to webmaster website or BBS to collect group, every day or can find a lot of . Perhaps some friends will fear being scolded, T will not go to the mass of information, you need to understand that your group’s goal is to what? Mass information can bring a lot of potential customers, sending money. Of course, you disturb a lot of people, it is normal to be scolded, do not scold you is not normal. So don’t be afraid, if you are afraid of being scolded, you have to go to see group information. Generally want to buy space will directly through the temporary dialogue to seek your advice, and generally few people through temporary dialogue in scold you.