The end of the To C era The 90%VC indicates that the project in the To C model is no longer availabl

, meanwhile, has an alternative investment fund, which will continue to invest in what is known as the "cold winter" and invest in its long-term, relatively undervalued investments. To a certain extent, whether entrepreneurs or as a media person, more admire up, this is more a test of the market and project judgment and control.


Wu Zhixiang graduated from Soochow University majoring in tourism. When he was in college, he worked part-time as a tour guide in order to earn a living. "At that time, the guide’s income was not bad. I bought the first BB machine with the money I earned.". With this BB, I can do more part-time jobs." With that in mind, Wu Zhixiang looked proud.


in the O2O field, "VC says," the To C schema project is not

Abstract: 100 thousand started in the 9 square meters of office staff dormitory, not high degree, no resources background advantage pure grass-roots team, but can let the richest Wang Jianlin took out 3 billion 600 million yuan to invest, Internet sensation circle, what is their

recently saw some venture capital VC, two of the entrepreneurs no good signal: 1 on 2016 the first half part of the basic risk investment institutions no longer move money, that there will be no big investment event; 2 in the field of O2O To C consumer market model projects 90% of investors said in 2016 to give up investment.

in the first half of 2016, some investment institutions no longer move money,

, Wu Zhixiang entered the Alibaba. "I remember myself as Ali’s number 176th employee." Ali wasn’t as famous as he is now, and Wu Zhixiang’s work was sold at the grassroots level. But none of this stops Wu Zhixiang from thinking, thinking and thinking. After working for some time, he wrote a letter to Ma, and proposed that Ali develop tourism B2B business, but did not get a reply.

in the newly completed Suzhou Cheng Cheng tourist building, the reporter saw the same journey CEO Wu Zhixiang – optimistic, modest and talkative, wearing glasses, his face is always filled with a smile. He is sensitive to numbers and can tell exactly what big events have happened in a particular year or month, and how much annual turnover, and how many percentage points have been added.

face financing difficulties, the entrepreneur said, if you want to financing easily, while subsidies off day orders can not, the reasons for doing so: 1 when not in the capital market downturn, financing to underestimate the value, equivalent to the flesh blood; 2 the peak value of short-term orders is self deception the trick, the capital downturn is temporary, to preserve the strength of the survival of the fittest node, when the investors select items.

no matter entrepreneurs and investors are willing to admit that the capital winter has indeed arrived, and has become the "new normal", that is, the capital market after a period of abnormal state, to return to normal.

Abstract: taking history as a mirror, visiting fields, O2O fields, sharing economic fields, there will be a large number of closures in the era of entrepreneurial impetuous. If the winter capital is the capital market to develop the results, so business is the founder of the result, such as: entrepreneurial intention, grasp direction, partner selection, team execution and cultivating investment institutions selection, negotiation and time

in that era, resigned is not an easy thing, when Wang first knew that after leaving the formalities, but also lose money, because the single <

has a "legend" in the capital market: the seven year cycle of the economic crisis. In Europe, from 1997 to 2015, every seven years the outbreak of an economic crisis; Chinese economic crisis from 2008 to 2015, the date, the economic crisis is the seven year itch.

face the difficult situation of finding a good project, investors say, the capital does not winter, and its management of large funds or LP money, there is no possibility of money, but no longer extensive investment in new projects. Its considerations are: 1 in the past, a wide investment in the net investment business contraction, the "gambling" hit rate increased; 2 wait and see the market’s self viability of the project, until the survival of the fittest, and then reap the high price.

carries the "tourism entrepreneurial dream", Wu Zhixiang left Ali thereafter. In 2002, in a dormitory of 9 square meters in Soochow University, he and his classmates Wu Jian, Zhang Hailong and their teacher Wang, a total of 4 people gathered 100 thousand dollars, began the road of entrepreneurship.

we finally gave up 5 million yuan of financing, and determined to finance a bigger money, to do a major event. We remember several founders often draw models in the office of the board, calculate how much the market, how much money each time, calculated with the night, write up a business plan and expect good results tomorrow. But, second days with investor communication, it is a basin of cold water again, drench to the foot from beginning to end.

start empty-handed, four Taiwan grassroots team

only, more entrepreneurs said that the capital winter really came, because financing difficult; but venture capital institutions do not think so, most of them said that their institutions do not exist capital winter.

After graduating from

100 thousand started in 9 square meters of office staff dormitory, not high degree, no resources background advantage pure grass-roots team, but can let the richest Wang Jianlin took out 3 billion 600 million yuan to invest, Internet sensation circle, what is their

the four founders only Wang designed is taught at the side side of the business, in the business after a period of time, the king wanted to find only one thing well, not all, in fact, is very difficult, so the king decided to resign from the University college.