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the United States election voters to vote in the national election in November after the first Monday Tuesday, this day is called the presidential election date. All American voters to the designated place to vote, to choose between the two presidential candidates. The United States Congress has 100 senators, 435 members of the house of Representatives, and the Washington District of Columbia’s 3 votes, presidential electoral votes total is 538 votes. The 2012 election results at 7 am local time released. Obama with 332 electoral votes to win the election results, his opponent, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won 206 electoral votes. Obama won re-election of the president. The number of votes under the accurate grasp of election and trend of election? Show the data visualization and analysis is making it easier to find the election law, understand the future trend and effect, timely observed data distribution changes, the understanding of strategy and trend of the election be of great advantage.


love Shanghai Engineer in the "white paper" problem of the value of Internet technology in 1 also talked about "visual analysis (VisualAnal>


so how to achieve such a huge data visualization? This problem after nearly 10 years of research found that the Internet data is often in a simple form of text on the web database, link library and various log information, it is difficult to find intuitively in the related data; at the same time, people’s strategy may be very complex the rules or machine learning model, it is difficult to visually see their effects, and the possible negative effects. Here we can through the importance of "the United States presidential election" example to experience data visualization.


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believe that we have had this experience: when a commodity you search in Taobao, will show a variety of styles, choose to buy a commodity which will be plagued by the problem of the people. At this time, the sales of products may become the reference factor in choosing to buy. This small range data show It is often seen. in life, also brought a lot of convenience for life. Just imagine, if we can achieve image visualization and data of the massive data on the Internet, the panoramic view, how it would be a wonderful visual feast of

Internet has been stored in the background data warehouse, usually people in the formulation of various strategies, often need to find rules from massive data, the evaluation methods of the effect and influence, however these data are lack of effective mechanism to show. This is like a restaurant, although can make a feast, but if there is no menu to show it, can make customers enjoy these delicious food. Thus, the realization of the Internet data / information visualization is one of the key to the development of the internet.