The website was shut the loss of ranking drop do

A few days ago, because

do the all know the importance of FTP, they imagine, even FTP things are not so important, how can truly understand the status of the site, to solve the plight of the site? In fact, my worry is unnecessary, they have their own ways and methods to thoroughly understand the situation of this website. From them to perfect "website optimization proposal", you can fully explain this, a few days down, their understanding of my site is far beyond me every day to maintain the site, it is really a bit too embarrassed to strengthen Shanghai Longfeng level, learn to observe it the line.

returned to normal in the website, I increased the content and the construction of the chain of the site, everyone in that content is king, the chain for the emperor, therefore, my first thought is to increase the construction content and the chain, I don’t rest when others rest, than others pay more time to optimize the website, hope to make the website ranking recovery as soon as possible. But things in life, nine in ten, thought work a harvest, there will always return, but after a month of hard work, not only no signs of improvement, but getting worse, this worry is not only my boss, more anxious, hurried to ask me every day in the back to rank, pressure I breath, while I is on the edge of despair and a friend about this situation, he recommended me to find the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team, said that their technology is very good, for many websites to solve a variety of problems, trustworthy

had a slight conflict and providing server space business partners, even directly to our website to shut down websites a day are not open, after consultation, to open the website but returned a few years ago the content, the content on the website, lost a lot. The home becomes even I do not know, the web site of the title, keywords, description are also followed back a few years ago, but later restored the content, but the keywords ranking had fallen Not the least trace was found.. No matter what responsibility in who, but the site is our biggest loss, is certainly the US company, as a website maintenance and management, of course, is duty bound to recover as soon as possible ranking.

After !In fact,

said now, haven’t you said, the site after the A5 station network of Shanghai Dragon Team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) after the diagnosis.

at the moment, I was really anxious, regardless of whether they can really like my friend said then cattle, can help me solve this dilemma in a short period of time, site and traffic, I am willing to try, after all, they have tried, no way, can only hope the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team. Although his hope in them, but the boss still exhort not to give them FTP, which is related to the security problem, the site but they didn’t ask me to FTP website username and password, the boss worry is not necessary.