Why do you love Shanghai off site on top of the three flowers

Figure 2

3, off site snapshot love Shanghai. Although in Shanghai love the search results page is a snapshot of Shanghai can see the love of 4 words, but we love Shanghai click when it is unable to display the snapshot.

2, off site. We can see from the search results page love Shanghai, Fujian business website without website related description.

1, off site title. Off site title refers to the web page title is modified or not phenomenon. Fujian business website the original title "Tieguanyin join, join Black Tea brands such as tea to join in Fujian business", and now in Shanghai love the search results page is shown "Fujian shangmeng". The love secretly modified the Fujian Shanghai shangmeng site title.



then love why Shanghai picked our website "top three flower"? Quanzhou Shanghai dragon is thought to be the following several conditions:


website also has a top three flowers? First, let us first look at the top three traditional flowers, the so-called "top three flowers together" and "five Yuan Dynasty" in the "three flowers" and "Five" is synonymous with metaphor. Three flowers is "fine" "gas" and "god". "Five", is the heart, liver and spleen, lung, kidney and other five lines of code, which is gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Seen Fengshenbang friends all know twelve Jinxian was three night with nine of the Yellow River top three array elimination flowers, serious consequences in five after. So what is the site of the "top three flower"? The site on top of three flowers is my own name, said Shanghai love search results page 1, Title 2, 3, snapshot. It is an important index to judge a website. Today Quanzhou Shanghai dragon in Shanghai in view of an enterprise Bamin shangmeng station situation, found some problems such as:


Shanghai, a love of the search results page

, before the Shanghai love the search results page


space. The space problem, why is probably the space problem? Appeared on the Internet recently fell in love with the sea off site is "top three flower" website of a few. Yang Changsheng found some web sites are K, some friends in the mirror reaction is appeared with the server, some friends said is the site speed. As for the specific reason is what, to be further tracking and observation.



1, love Shanghai. Why is love Shanghai? Because we found that in many of the search engines love Shanghai will appear off site "on the top of the three flower". While other search results are normal. Love is often Shanghai freak, so the great possibility.