To crowd effect of reverse thinking stable website ranking

is a Shanghai based Phoenix website data work, data can give us feedback on user behavior, web page quality problems, in order to determine the overall quality of the website. And through these sites data we can know the root cause ranking fluctuations, facilitate our daily site maintenance work. But most of the time we look at the site of IP, PV, bounce rate and residence time and not specific to the numerical study on site data. When a user clicks on a page if so jump directly off the 100%, but if something clicked then out rate 0. But I see no bounce rate to 0 and 100 of the gap between.

site data can best reflect the status of the site through the site data, we can have a clearer understanding of the current site health website audience, site location and so on. Through the feedback of the data on the website, we can timely adjust on site optimization work, let the website ranking more stable.

We analyze the

when we find our website ranking dropped from the first page to second pages, the data will tell you the reasons for the decline. The general situation is because the content does not meet the needs of users, search engine page elimination mechanism on the back, if not improved, the site is likely to 100 after. This website ranking fluctuations rather than a drop right rather than a warning ranking ranking.

data on the website, to understand that relates to every page page click map. We are all in order to enhance the user experience and effort, but users will not tell where your website has a defect, but the user access to the data after traces will give you feedback their views. The page will be why click? Why have the residence time and bounce rate? As the next step of website optimization tools to plan data reference.


a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er attention website data is the appearance of value, did not understand the meaning of the data. On site data and today I Dennis to share with you, is to reject the crowd effect, we will not pay attention to the data as the research object we focus, in order to enrich the work site of Shanghai Longfeng, in order to achieve a stable website ranking purposes.

from the bounce rate, low bounce rate, long retention time of the page page value is high, and the chain layout is reasonable. Otherwise, the page value is low, will not bring a plus to the site within the chain through. If the content quality check some of this has become a dangerous site ranking factors, is not conducive to the overall ranking web site.

this is our understanding of the data on the website, but not enough. Not only to their own website and timely analysis of data, the competitor data is exquisite, so that we can truly grasp the website ranking. For everyone to analyze the data we can sweep, for we do not pay attention to the data we want to focus on, such as the principle of thinking to counter attack our website ranking stable.