Those things do not believe the website optimization

fifth: Shanghai love their products don’t use love Shanghai because of its own products > right

for the website optimization, each ER and Shanghai Longfeng different ways to improve the ranking and website weight of keywords and operation problems in the optimization process will encounter all kinds of optimization, some owners do love with white hat is relatively stable, some owners love with black hat effect faster. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is actually the essence of optimization in the chain, the chain, the original content and keyword layout, but in the actual operation, many webmaster operation still has great difference, especially the novice webmaster, compare the fascination for the way some methods, and lead to excessive optimization or cheating. Yishui has been completely from the search engine ranking rules, according to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization principles, ranking of keywords, long tail optimization, so we say some we can not easily too superstitious wrong operation, to provide warning to everyone.

: not too obsessed with the first outside the chain of tools to bring you the super chain. For each step of website optimization are in need of yourself to the actual operation, it takes time to accumulate and persevere work, there are many outside the chain of tools will inform you can quickly improve the chain, in fact, a short time is effective, but because of the excessive number of single chain, but backfire, search engine is easily identified as cheating, especially new sites, this approach is not desirable. And every day the appropriate increase in the chain is actually easier to get recognized by the search engine.

fourth: do not think that included after the page will exist for a long time, many webmaster will find love Shanghai website page after some time will reduce, do not worry, this is due to the love of Shanghai found a similar article may delete your pages, there may be a love Shanghai data update cause original data change. So we have always stressed the need to write the original article, can increase the search engine on the page and included on the website of the friendly, and can effectively prevent reduction of the website included quantity.

second: exchange Links don’t easily crush on PR. Many webmaster in exchange Links when only PR, other conditions are not to understand, in fact only a part of the PR website weight, but not all, we can try to see the other site keywords ranking in the exchange chain, look at your site and the chain, integrating the weight of the website.

third: the effect of the chain do not believe the forum signature brings. This is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er has confirmed that a large number of BBS signature chain is a chain of garbage, we in the forum to do outside the chain in the appropriate section can use soft belt anchor text and link, and don’t reply when a large number of signed links, start the operation may have some effect, but a long time search engine realized will lead to the drop, so that you can bring, but not a lot in this way the chain.