The Shanghai dragon skills


5, improve the user experience of

2, the construction of the chain

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web content is certainly more novel and better, only surprising thing is Baidu dishes, about how to write the contents, the webmaster can see other webmaster at webmaster net is introduced in detail for you, I will not introduce these problems a commonplace talk of an old scholar.


chain is the Shanghai dragon indispensable work, but how to do, but I do not know the webmaster webmaster? Actually can search counterparts in those in the Baidu home is how the construction of the chain, for example I love Shanghai search carton factory in Langfang (pictured) station will see Shanghai as long love you on the front page of the website, webmaster can through the webmaster tools to check the construction site outside the chain, with its essence on your website.

A part of the

now Shanghai dragon industry more and more well done, this is many webmaster heart is really Shanghai Longfeng no way to do this? Baidu will kill this hard webmaster? I don’t think the webmaster want to know something about Shanghai dragon skills, steadfast do stand, the website home page does not matter, as you introduce Langfang carton factory.

4, the content of the website

website is very important, when submitted to the Baidu website to determine in the webmaster, keyword selection must also comply with the theme of the site, otherwise it is of no use to optimize, also on the long tail word ranking, webmaster can be reflected in the title page, try not to repeat the title, you can quickly enhance the long tail word ranking.

1, website keywords

outside the chain of many such as forums, blogs, classification of information, but the quality of the chain is very important, the chain is not random in Baidu eyes may help, the chain will lead to some of the rubbish site is down right, owners need to pay attention to is in the hair of the chain to take the anchor text link, so the website ranking and traffic will be of great help. (on those platforms can take the anchor text, the webmaster can fall in love with sea mining).

improve the user experience as we all know, but how to improve the user experience, the author illustrate that search carton when in love in Shanghai, Baidu will list these structures for you (Figure) in order to improve the user experience can refer to these Adsense website update, the content of the article can give keywords bold, color and so on, the bottom of the article can also appear to be related to the recommended reading, these can be very good to customers, reduce the rate of jump out of the site.

  3, the quality of the chain