Google search engine how to play the artificial intervention

Google said in the official announcement: due to the current waste site manually deleted site is far less than 2%, this sentence surface of a Google humanintervention very little? I do not understand, artificial intervention is not only to remove the rubbish site so simple, artificial intervention including artificial lower ranking, artificial right down. If not the artificial intervention group, then Google will not set up this group, as illustrated in this group is essential, but specific to those types of website to start, this who can’t understand. We can only follow Google webmaster guidelines to optimize, try not to take the black hat line, otherwise K station also can not blame Google, compared with Google or love Shanghai, personally feel very humane, love Shanghai cannot so transparent". But the last two years have been rising in love Shanghai webmaster >

just in Lu Songsong blog read an article: Google launched a website manual intervention notice, Google actually had manual intervention, before I only heard Baidu will play the manual intervention, did not expect as a search engine, Google also to Shanghai to learn the love. A new function is added in Google Webmaster Tools background: manual operation, display the contents of the relevant information is Google website group by manual operation, which means that Google has manual handling team website. As for what time to establish such a group, it can make nothing of it, we always think of artificial intervention is love Shanghai patent, did not expect the boss of Google had played the manual intervention, it seems love Shanghai has been learning to Google. But love Shanghai so far did not seem to admit manual intervention, in the eyes of many people, the artificial intervention means that it is not fair, is harmful to the website. But Google launched this feature, is actually beneficial to the webmaster, at least I can quickly know the website is wrong, why do I want to delete the web search engine, such as Lu Songsong mentioned, I believe that in the near future, Shanghai will follow the love.

as a webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng personnel, we should correctly understand the artificial intervention, the first search engine to why manual intervention, after all, whether it is love or Shanghai Google search engine is actually a complex program, since the program will have the loopholes and shortcomings. After all, programmers or engineers to write out what search engines to deal with large and complex data, sorting algorithm is quite complex, each factor should be taken into account, the small changes will affect the ranking of many words. But sometimes the program couldn’t finish those too complicated calculation, so only to artificial cooperation, this is to ensure that the algorithm is more fair and reasonable, to reduce the risk of error during the execution of the program. Some people say that human intervention is not fair, because of special treatment for certain types of sites, without manual intervention is difficult to do this, he is right, for example: I want some special keywords manual intervention ranking, it is very easy, because you can ignore the existence of algorithm.