What do the hard run website snapshot you

second: check the website user experience

website not only the user experience, site access speed, the snapshot will also affect the site updates. The search engine to your website, once open, the second is the same, the third time it is lazy to think, the spider is not to the site, who gave you the updated snapshot. Many owners began to do in the station, probably because of funding problems with cheap space, but you think, even if this is saved, you can earn? With a stable space, finally is independent of IP, with the server site if there is black, love in.


search engine is to retrieve your keywords station through your site, ask for a description, no keyword, Only Title website search engine will come? I used to stand only title, but as a new sites, I put all the keywords accumulation in title, keyword and description do not have to write to start, like search engine submission site, and will soon be included, is the latest snapshot, but not for a long time, the snapshot stop correction, content is not included. When the query keywords to see this situation, not only hard to change the title, keyword, description, keywords and long tail keywords reasonable allocation. Here is the webmaster may say: the site is included, not just the site keywords? This is to set up the website keywords, keywords will not affect the overall situation of the website said, the webmaster don’t see Shanghai dragon too dead, different circumstances should be treated differently. No keyword station, not to change, then you really want to be K time.

no matter what kind of website user experience is the first one for you. The user does not love things, search engines will not be too nostalgic. The front page of the site do not use too many pictures, pictures instead of text; site within the chain also want to remember to do anchor text links to related items in order to build a good website advertising; don’t put too much time must rely on advertising to survive station profits is not long, the user can rely on more long-term benefits for the enterprise website, home page; the last is to set up the service or the user questions, even answer user questions, let the user stickiness for you. There are users of the website, also worry about the snapshot will fall

webmaster every day will be very hard to operate the site, every day without domian, site website, see the snapshot update, included increased, inevitably will be exciting, but the good thing is not often, bad things will come. When you see the hard one month after the result is a snapshot of non-stop correction, included reducing ceaselessly, is not very helpless, helpless to what did you do

third: check the website space

: first check the web site keywords

? The stability of the marketing website