The snapshot is not updated, backwards, how to solve

, a snapshot not update, what should we do? (personal opinion)


I also to introduce the above factors snapshot long time not updated, so how are we going to rational treatment and to solve this problem, a lot of friends, this is very distressed, worried why website content is updated daily snapshot why does not give the update? (for the love of the Shanghai algorithm, every day will be the home page crawl out, placed in the database, but did not put out) it is likely that that content is not original, if we site appear merely this kind of case, then being solved, but is a bit tired. We can add a column add something original or added directly. Then the rest is waiting. Here we must not forget the high quality of the chain, I believe we have heard of "content is king, the view that the chain is king" this statement is not wrong, the chain should be said to be thousands of Web sites now occupied the main part of how, who can do all the original thing, so don’t forget the things outside the chain, when added to the site of the original content to send some high quality of the chain attached to the text link, if you want to secretly lazy, to get high quality Links good also can still, afraid of high quality links the best advice is not personal, write high quality soft, and the above said Links joint, of course, the approach is similar, but this problem can not be ignored, like my website There are a number of sites have nearly fall right and be K home, no home position, long time not updated snapshot, leading to my site joint by great influence, for this problem, we must first deal with the problem is by this type of site slowly remove the chain, prevent joint damage.

on this point that we do not update the snapshot processing method has a general understanding, how do we deal with the problem of rational snapshot back? It may be similar to the above, the basic is almost the same, but still strong harmonic Suo several. The snapshot back problem and snapshot not update or have certain relation, this problem I also not long winded what after the time and we will explain one by one, now for everyone to talk about my personal for this type.

many webmaster friends in this matter is very tangled and awful, as one has been suffering this problem is not a light’s sake, to share a bit of experience. Snapshot not update affects many aspects of the main aspects are: the content of the website not updated for a long time; the chain fluctuation; a series of effects Links joint etc.. The snapshot back also have influence many aspects of the problem. Roughly with the snapshot not update is not to go, personally think that focused on the chain and the chain quality. The following general analysis for everyone encountered such a problem how we reason to deal with.

snapshot backwards, what should we do. (personal opinion)