The site didn’t flow how to do The owners of these necessary work have you done

site outside the chain construction and maintenance

data backup siteNot when the website data >

every day a large number of webmaster friends no traffic complaining about his site, said the search engine optimization is difficult to do ah, now do not use such. Then as a webmaster, you should do the work have done? This is a problem that many owners do not know what to do, even some webmaster every day doing nothing work. As a good webmaster, we have a lot of daily work, the following summarizes some experience according to my many years are the following:


I want to do as a webmaster, every day to update some valuable web content is necessary, which not only brings experience to customers, but also to the important role of search engine optimization. Many owners do not pay attention to content updates, especially some enterprise website, recently my blog for free Li Wenzhong to many enterprises website made Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, found that most of the enterprises are lack of state website content, it is almost a few articles, and are separated by ten and a half months updated once. That many owners do not have to do this work, some owners even every day to update the website content, but are reproduced! Especially to remind the webmaster friends, good content must be bothered to do.


site security detection

chain website search engine optimization as the only way to external optimization, is obviously very important, every day to the website and website content to send some high quality site outside the chain is a necessary work every day. The chain data also need to maintain well, regularly to see their chain is not deleted or unable to access, but also to observe is not some rather baffling the chain of garbage, if any, should be promptly with love Shanghai Webmaster Tools rejected, so as not to affect the website search engine optimization.

1, website content planning update


like every day I basically will log in a web server security detection, so as to avoid the site was linked to horse all don’t know. A website security is not negligible, if the site is often a problem, a direct impact on the user experience, but also may cause the site to drop right.

3, website promotion of

we know that there are many ways to get traffic flow, I want to get a good webmaster not only through a way, like my blog of Li Wenzhong (贵族宝贝, launched less than 20 days, there were already 50 IP every day about the flow, and it is still increasing. Although not yet as the railway station through the search engine to get any traffic, but I through other ways of introducing a lot, including the promotion of the soft, quiz promotion. Many webmaster will only rely on search engine optimization, do not know how to combine with other forms of promotion is no wonder that the site has not been flow.