The soft link is what measures do.

two, contact the forum moderators, asked them to delete the


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as a large site, must have several moderators, we only need to contact the forum moderators, call them out, like this article, in the Shanghai dragon why, I found the moderator of the forum, with him to explain the situation, he is also very willing to help me deal with such immoral behavior the report, and this post can also be a plus, Why not?

report to the appropriate forumThe

what is worse, he used several forums in the A5 brush, but also to 10 websites on several websites, add your link, want to own the original articles are? I believe many of my friends have encountered such a thing, no one does not feel the atmosphere, then if all of the original article by others that the "occupation", we should be how to treat? I wanted to feel the following can take some

forum has many reports, like the A5 forum, Chinaz forum, why forum Shanghai Longfeng, report to fill in their own reasons, fill in the relative to the original address.

three, concerned about the original search engine

casually misappropriation of others is not only the original knowledge of unethical behavior, but also a kind of illegal behavior, hope webmaster friends don’t steal other people’s work, even want to copy the content of others, also through a higher quality for the original, so that not only will not damage the original, but also for search engines friendly! "

can help us to promote your website, you can also enhance the weight of their own website, but really want to write a original text is not an easy thing. And watched his writing with others is a link, let their heart is not the taste, I believe that many webmaster friends have encountered such a thing, they have spent one or two hours, or even half the effort, to create a soft, write their own title in Shanghai in search of love the engine input, that reprinted articles are to keep the link to get rid of, but others added links. Just like the last time I wrote an article A5: "logistics website optimization one year experience sharing", in the fall in love with the sea search and found a lot of reprint but in the end, leave someone else’s link, there are pictures and the truth:

love Shanghai search engine or Google search engine, it is not the same as the treatment for the original article, I like this article, whether it is love or Shanghai Google are routed to the first one, plus the weight of A5, believe that the forum trying to steal our stuff is also difficult, whether it is love Shanghai Google on the same site or the same article, gives out, he used A5 5 as the forum, to brush 6, now only one, the other was deleted by