Through the analysis of the construction site outside the chain high weight chain construction trend

second, analysis direction and construction idea of the construction of the chain. Content is king, the chain for the emperor is as everyone knows things, but what really the chain for the emperor, but not all of the chain for the emperor, it is like the Yong Zheng Dynasty < > this TV, Yong Zheng have ten sons, son of the future emperor is what you it is obviously not possible?, on the website for example, although the site outside the chain very much but really play a role, improve the chain site weight is our real pursuit of the chain. Here, taking the construction of the chain and the chain ideas for the standard of value judgment analysis, three characteristics of the high quality of the chain is in turn.

as everyone knows, the chain and the content is not open around the Shanghai dragon, could not escape the topic, although with the love of Shanghai green Mars plan algorithm, some algorithm to change, but change or remain the same, still is the construction of the content and the chain, just focus on different points, recent author several companies responsible for their own personal station in the station and the release of the chain process, obviously felt the chain not only release so simple, more important is the skill, the chain is only love Shanghai included is the basis of the chain weight calculation of Shanghai love is what we are looking for high brains the quality of the chain, we continued good gossip short into today’s topic, through their own analysis of the construction site outside the chain high weight chain construction trends. Let’s look at the picture below.

first, correlation chain in the content of the page and to recommend. Generally speaking, the chain effect of pages and content for the better correlation between the outer chain weight of the main station is also higher, for example, you do is webmaster service web site, such as webmaster forum or webmaster portal and so on, then you can go to the webmaster nets or Adsense forum submission, you must of course description and the owners of such topics, such as the establishment of experience, Shanghai Longfeng optimization and so on, in a word you share is to help contribute content and service station for the case.

first, the key point of the chain is still " quality is king ". The above is the author website in stationmaster net contribute in the chain included screenshots, through the above illustration, love Shanghai algorithm upgrades, but when all is said and done, myriad return cases. The key points of the quality or the recent love Shanghai for the chain of the most basic and core, because only the high quality, the recommended value chain is the real love of Shanghai is also consistent with the requirements of the most basic human thinking, only high-quality content will be recommended, will be widely spread, will be widespread recommendation and reading, so I think the quality of the chain value is always the love Shanghai value is also our webmaster do in the chain should stick to the basic bottom line, rather than a week a day, not to the number of multiple chain worthless such as BBS signature chain such. Too much influence your weight, and these chain is the spontaneous behavior of artificial direction and love Shanghai advocate recommended the chain draw further apart.