The website caused a lot of 404 pages may lead to drop right!


page is invalid, unable to provide any valuable information page is dead links, including the protocol and content of two types of chain chain.

love Shanghai official clearly pointed out in the announcement:

protocol: TCP protocol links page /HTTP protocol state expressly the common chain, such as 404, 403, 503 etc..

content links: the server returns is normal, but the content has been changed to not exist, need independent authority with the original contents of the page has been deleted or information.


404 page is a web server returns a HTTP status code indicates "not found, and the user cannot access the spider, is a protocol to death. This page links need to take the initiative to push, the search engine can quickly find and make corresponding treatment, to reduce the negative influence caused by the death of 404 content to the user and search engine.

optimize the user experience: to reduce the death of website brand damage and poor user


three, the timely processing of death can bring what stationmaster

, what is the death of

website: Submit Links list, increase the content of the web site included

when the site chain data accumulated over time, and to display the search results page, access to the user experience and the transformation of the site itself has played a negative impact. On the other hand, the flow of love Shanghai check the dead links will bring extra burden for the website, website of other normal page crawling and indexing.

404 page appears in the user or spider access site does not exist URL, general content transfer or change the structure of URL will cause the 404 page state. Especially in the website, content and site structure adjustment is likely to cause a large number of old URL cannot access, these pages are unable to access will have a negative impact on the user and search engine.

?The What are the abnormal effect on the site are ?

content can not be normal for a large number of Web site, search engine will think the defects on the user experience, and reduce the site evaluation, crawling, indexing, the weight will be subject to a certain degree of negative impact, and ultimately affect the flow from the website to get the love of Shanghai.

improve website ranking: to reduce the negative impact of online search on the death of

rankingThe increase of For the death of .

, suggested by the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform — chain tool chain submitted manner, so that search engines faster to find chain, reduce the negative impact of the death caused by the user and search engine.

also love Shanghai official grasping abnormalities that also talked about this issue:

: improve website rankings and included change >