Shanghai dragon master is not out of school

I have a friend to do a PR=5 local portal, now daily updates are 100% copy of each big door soft, then the second can get good rankings, IP is close to 100 thousand, and he told me that he is not particularly concerned about the quality of the content, a little false, he just about every day outside the chain, released a large number of high quality chain exchange high quality Links can, to the original content to get good rankings are shit, as long as you have enough to show, get enough weight, you can also copy the article is higher than the original station.

search engine in order to better serve customers, but also in the adjustment of the algorithm constantly increases the user experience, so the summary of previous experience, easily outdated, if those who believe blindly, and trapped in a narrow mind, it is difficult to make good real station.

tried to know!The

to do new friends to share some experiences and suggestions: if you can open new domain name to A5 station and other major forum crazy hair the chain, to open after you think you can in the station, station to keep hair every day to each.

Shanghai dragon master real

a lot of people just contact site optimization, think this is a very profound very profound knowledge, is not a novice can master and master, so often to A5, Shanghai dragon WHY webmaster forums looking for high people’s experience.

the same station for a new Shanghai Dragon don’t understand but dare to try, and do a A5 people every day, I believe that the former than the latter in the so-called: winning! Everything is possible, perhaps the same approach, others succeed and you tragedy, but if you don’t even try it you must be very difficult to succeed.

they do not care about the previous summary of this is not allowed, restrictions and fetters, that cannot be done, the title must be 3-4 words, the content must be original to get good rankings and so on?. Their only creed is:

Shanghai dragon master is not out of school, the real top Shanghai dragon master, if you ask him what is Shanghai dragon? He will tell you: I don’t know what is the Shanghai dragon.

a lot of people do more and more confused, I believe that many webmaster have such experience: love Shanghai found people to rank better than me, but the site a little Shanghai dragon have nothing to do with the chain is not much, all aspects are not the most reasonable, but the rank is higher than me. In fact, the so-called Shanghai dragon is the site to the search engine, rather than the user see. As long as you love to give you high ranking engine, nature can get a lot of visitors, so many webmaster does not know the site have the order reversed, the ultimate goal is to give users see, now love Shanghai experienced 3 times of ventilation adjustment also attaches great importance to the user experience.

statement: This article only on behalf of my own, my views are based on my half do stand experience, welcome the different views of the master pat.