Suqian Shanghai Dragon just let you quickly improve the site’s Sitemap three step

The second step:

, a manual standard version of the Sitemap file as shown below:

< XML? Version= "1" encoding= "UTF-8" >

? "贵族宝贝"

< loc> 贵族宝贝aaa贵族宝贝/< /loc>


< /url>

urlset:: the expression is a must, the word label statement the Sitemap protocol version.

Er to Shanghai dragon optimization focus on the station optimization, when careful friends should see some older robots.txt is not difficult to find that their robots are joined by a Sitemap: 贵族宝贝aaa贵族宝贝/sitemap.xml or a similar statement, it is optimized by Sitemap, provides a good a web site search engine platform and communication Sitemap, Sitemap can be submitted to the major search engines, so that the search engine better be included on the web page. The Suqian Shanghai dragon teach you to use the rapid improvement of website Sitemap:

< prority> 1.0< /prority>

< /urlset>

The first step: More and more

recognition Sitemap format

Sitemap is the XML version of the site map, because here is mainly for search engines, like some large web site map in this version of HTML is not to write. The Sitemap format has several different search engines, but also in favor of different Sitemap formats, such as love tend to Shanghai Html format of the site map, and the noble baby for the launch of the Sitemap one of its own protocol, is the XML format file application protocol, it is suggested that Yahoo site map using Txt format. So according to your personal needs decide the format of Sitemap.

< lastmod> 2011-4-26< /lastmod>

< url>

< changefreq> monthly< /changefreq>

< urlset xmlns= >