Personal views share gold and change the blog optimization

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concluded that, after the revision by the original each page >

three: page change:

has been the gold navigation page is using the classification directory, open the navigator Wangzhuan Project Title jump directly to the category list, the list is in the vertical posts, it looks very difficult to understand, but also a blog 10 several types of projects are based on the classification catalog to show the way that will cause the reader get lost, think again the final decision; just pick the boutique items displayed in a page displayed in the form of illustrations, individual column lists only no more than 3 similar projects, in the page to see the project brief and trademark images, such as to see the tutorial and need to click on the page in the registered account "see more details.

gold from the station to write this article so far, has more than one year and one month, but there are many aspects has been done, seriously really poor, such as page navigation bar is empty; too much, project tutorial not detailed enough, the article did not finish the whole, carefully investigated it is too much, so the future will do some optimization and change of the blog, and then share my views for reference, we write an article on this note.

gold from the establishment of the station in June 2012 so far, there are two page navigation bar items, almost all types are incorporated into the current Wangzhuan navigation, which makes many people reflect; see is dazzling; don’t know where to look, think carefully; others are column, and I have got two bar, myself sometimes see not pleasing to the eye.

, blog title:

gold will make the following changes:

on hook, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, SkyDrive, code and Wangzhuan have award activity, website construction and interested friends can now move "other Wangzhuan" column view, the previous article also has not been removed, can search function on the right side of the search box, enter the title or content, click on the "Search" you can find the previous article.


so this prospectors decided to respect the readers’ opinions on the navigation, revision, the most important is the navigation bar from the previous two rows into a row, and then build a "other Wangzhuan" classification, the extra items in two level navigation home page, leaving "Wangzhuan into the door", "task Wangzhuan", "game," Wangzhuan Wangzhuan "investigation", "mobile phone" Witkey Wangzhuan Wangzhuan "," and "other Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum" and the top 8 classification.

blog title from the original "gold | Wangzhuan | taught you through the network to make money" part-time to now "gold | Wangzhuan blog | taught you how to make money on the network part-time and this previous title compared to read is not so awkward, relatively more comfortable.

Two, change the